Facebook Live: Pillowcase Project

FaceBook live:  Pillowcase

By DeAnn Perrigo

  1. Measure pillow
    • Measure all the way around the pillow, both height and width.
  1. Measure and cut fabric for pillowcase front
    • Measurement ÷ 2 = ___ + 1.5” = ____ for each direction
    • My pillow: 42 ÷ 2 = 21 + 1.5” = 5” and   21 ÷ 2 = 10.5 + 1.5” = 12
    • Cut fabric to fit your pillowcase size front (mine was 22.5 X 12”).
  2. Cut fabric for pillowcase back
    • Cut 2 pieces of fabric that are the height of the pillowcase front.
    • They will not be as wide.
    • Use selvage sides, if available, and fold over 2” and press.
    • Now lay over the pillowcase top to measure. Folded edges should overlap 1-3” depending on the size of the pillowcase.  (Being long and narrow, I needed to reduce the overlap for my hand and pillow to fit.)
  • Mark and then cut to the size of the pillowcase front. (Mine were 15” before pressing over 2”.)
  1. Quilt pillowcase front
    • Layer pillowcase front, right side up, over backing and batting that is preloaded onto longarm.  This needs to be larger that the size of the pillowcase(s) you are making.
    • Quilt as desired. (With CS7, I used Swirls & Feathers 3 BLK PANT by Judith Kraker).
  1. Add pillowcase back
    • Layer pillowcase backs, right sides down, overlapping folded edges, over quilted pillowcase front.  Stitch 1/4” inside of edge, all the way around the pillowcase. (With CS7, I used Draw Line to create the stitching line.  This allowed me to use both hands to ensure folded fabrics remained flat.)
  1. Finish pillowcase
    • Remove from longarm
      • Cut around pillowcase
      • Turn right-side out
      • Stuff pillow into pillowcase








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