Fabric Tree Napkins

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by Karen Farnsworth
Wildflower Quilting
CreativeStudio 6.0 Certified Trainer


Make these fun and easy napkins to make your holiday table festive! You can use your Statler by Gammill and CreativeStudio or your free-motion Gammill Quilting machine to make a set of these beauties, perfect for holiday gatherings.
CreativeStudio 6.0 Users:

Click here to download the project file


Hand-Guided Quilters:

Click here for the right side template

Click here for the left side template



1. Choose your fabric. I like two-seasonal fabrics or a small print and coordinating solid fabric. I like to work with 2 yards of each fabric.

tree napkins

2. Load the first fabric on your quilting machine, right side UP. I load my fabric lengthwise (the 2-yard length) penning the selvage to the leader.

3. Lay the second fabric right side down on your loaded fabric. Right sides of the fabrics should be facing each other. If desired baste the fabrics together to prevent shifting.

Note: There is NO batting in these napkins

4. In CreativeStudio, create a boundary of your quilting area.

5. Statler users use Repeat patterns to place copies of the tree napkin pattern in your work area. I like to set up all my patterns before beginning to stitch if I know I have 42-inches of fabric (width of fabric) to work with. Draw a boundary extension below the boundary on screen to show a holiday area of about 40 inches in height. Fill the area with patterns.

Note: I usually make 20 napkins at a time from 4 total yards of fabric (2 yards of each).


Be sure to Toggle As Sewn any of the patterns that fall below the belly bar.

Note: If you are using a hand-guided machine, you can use a template to mark the patterns on your fabric before stitching.

6. Quilt the patterns. I use a coordinating thread color, 12 SPI and normal tie-offs.

7. Advance the quilt, relocate and stitch the next row of patterns.

8. Remove fabric from the quilting machine.

9. Cut out each tree with a quarter-inch margin. Trim the corners closely and snip in toward the stitching line around the curves.

10. Turn each tree right side out and press well.

11. Close the turn hole with fusible or whip stitched.

12. Fold the napkins and press again.



13. ENJOY!

tree fold 4


Click here to download a PDF of the instructions

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