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QWC Tour 2019

Quilting with Confidence 2019 Tour

View the complete recording of the 2019 Quilting with Confidence Tour, jam-packed with all the tips, tricks and “aha!” moments that made the tour so incredible. Select from hand-guided, Statler or Elevate class track.  Whether you missed the tour or attended and want to access all the information again, we know you will enjoy this compilation of classes.

Computerized Classes

Computerized Quilting Classes

Whether you are new to CreativeStudio or looking for advanced training, these classes offer something for every quilter. These classes focus on the CreativeStudio software program for Statler and Elevate users.

Hand Guided Quilting

Hand Guided Classes

From feathers to fills and much more, these classes focus on a wide variety of hand-guided quilting and quilting design. They are useful for all quilters of all machine types and brands.

Educator Consult

Educator Consult

Have you ever taken a class and wished you could spend an hour with the teacher to ask questions and learn more? Now you can. Gammill educators are available to schedule a 60-minute consult with students. Get answers to your questions or talk with our expert team about specific projects you are working on or quilting problems you are facing.

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