Quilting With Confidence 2019 – Elevate

Elevate Class Track: Whether you missed the 2019 Tour or you’re finding this material for the very first time, here’s a complete recording of the 2019 Quilting with Confidence Tour classes, which were originally presented around country during two two full-day sessions. The Elevate class track features classes focused on CreativeStudio, as well as a class on how to apply what you have learned to your Elevate.

Quilting With Confidence 2019 – Statler

Statler Class Track: Whether you missed the 2019 Tour or you’re finding this material for the very first time, here’s a complete recording of the 2019 Quilting with Confidence Tour classes, which were originally presented around country during two two full-day sessions. The videos are jam-packed with all the tips, tricks, and “aha!” moments that made the Tour so incredible.

Amplify Apply

Let’s take Apply to new levels. The possibilities are endless: borders, around applique, dividing large open areas, circular piecing, serpentine lines. This class will provide inspiration, along with easy to follow guidelines and techniques to Apply P2P designs along nontraditional lines.

Build a Boundary Blueprint of Your Quilt

Custom quilting turns out better with a plan. Students will use Draw Line, Circle Array,  Repeat Patterns and Mirror, to create a “to scale” Boundary.

Circular Array

Learn how Circular Array works and it will increase your pattern supply and time efficiency placing patterns on your blocks.  Class notes and CreativeStudio project (with a few free patterns) available for you to download before class.  Class project includes using several pattern types and block types with the Circular Array feature to enhance your learning.  In addition you will learn how to make fills with Circular Array to again increase that pattern library. Class is good for confident beginners and up.

CreativeStudio Fun Features

Work along with Karen as she shows you many of her favorite CreativeStudio shortcuts, tricks and functions. Draw Text, Apply, Echo, Circular Array, Draw Pattern, Measure and more will be covered during this fun and informative class. A project will be provided so students can play along in CreativeStudio (Stand Alone Mode).

CreativeStudio Handbook: Just for Beginners

New to CreativeStudio? This class is a perfect introduction to the world of CreativeStudio! Georgia Stull guides you through the basics so you can begin your great adventure in computerized quilting with a Gammill Statler or Elevate.

Draw Pattern to Create Semi Custom

Use P2P patterns to achieve a complicated looking design made up of triangles that fit together to cover the entire quilt. The appearance is a custom looking that allows for accentuating specific areas while stitching continuously from edge to edge.

Illusions of Continuity, Using Fill to its Fullest

Take your understanding of “fill” to a whole new level. We will use simple patterns to create background fills that seemingly flow behind foreground elements. Learn to use a “Master Pattern” to create multiple fills that limit the edge stitching found in more ‘typical’ fills for a fully custom design.

Log Cabin: Light and Dark

There are many blocks that have a light and dark side, such as Log Cabin and Half Square Triangles. There are also quilting designs that have a light and dense side. Come see how the two can play together to create an endless collection of layouts.

Mastering Stitch in the Ditch with CS7

Join Christine Perrigo for a class on Stitch in the Ditch. Stitch in the Ditch (SID) can make or break a custom quilt.  There is no need to dread SID on your next custom quilt.  Instead, embrace the Statler tools you already know that will have you using SID like a pro.  In this class, you will master digital ditch work without a ruler. Class is Statler specific.

Pattern Designer 101

Whether your goal is to modify or create a pattern for a customer quilt or design original patterns to offer for sale, this class is a great place to get started. Karen will discuss designing and testing new patterns, importing and exporting images, and selling your designs.

Pieced Blocks, Draw Pattern and Concatenating

Pieced blocks are the mainstay of Traditional quilting. Learn how to quickly and efficiently add patterns to the different sections of blocks. Draw Pattern along with Concatenation will make easy work of this process.



Repeat Patterns: The Everyday Money Maker

Learn how to use repeat patterns to layout your parallel lines pattern while controlling the size and density of the results.

Dazzling Sashings

Learn to fill those sashings with ease with CreativeStudio®.  This class covers the use of three different CreativeStudio®  features:  Repeat Pattern feature, Apply and Draw Pattern to create Dazzling Sashings!  Follow along with provided class  project to enhance your learning experience.

Simple Clicks, Powerful Tools

Get even more out of CreativeStudio by creating your own patterns with a few simple clicks.  The first part of the class will focus on creating several simple patterns.  We will spend the remainder of the class learning how to use those new patterns in powerful ways to create a custom look and feel that will take your quilting to the next level.

Whole Quilt Blueprint for Modern Quilts

Modern quilts pack a lot of WOW factor but can seem intimidating.  Explore effective approaches of tackling these modern beauties by utilizing a whole quilt layout method that will be overlaid on a photo of the quilt.

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