Forest for the Trees

Linda V. Taylor makes the trees pop in this quilt using the tools in CreativeStudio and her Statler. She uses the trim feature so that the overall stitching skips over the trees. She customizes the quilt with a quote along the border using the text feature in CS7. She finishes the quilt with an extra special touch by placing the name on a quilt sleeve by reversing the text. Read More

Stencils Part 1 (episode 37)

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Gammill Quilt Artist Jodi Robinson demonstrates different ways to use stencils in this new episode of the Best of Both Worlds. She breaks down complex designs into simple steps.

Stencils Part 2 (episode 38)

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This episode of Linda Taylor’s Best of Both Worlds features Gammill Quilt Artist Jodi Robinson. Jodi shows us how she uses stencils as a framework for her modern quilting designs.

Quilting Out Fullness (episode 39)

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Best of Both Worlds Linda Taylor tackles an antique Double Wedding Ring quilt using both computerized and hand-guided techniques. Watch as she shows tips for quilting tops with lots of fullness.

Embroidery Quilt (episode 40)

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Linda Taylor is working on a nine-patch quilt with embroidery. She demonstrates how to efficiently stabilize the nine patch without starts and stops and easy techniques for quilts with embroidery. Other techniques: Applique helper, templates and rulers, cross hatching.