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Sample Business Plan 1
Sample Business Plan 1

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Mission Statement:

(Your business name) pledges to provide high quality machine quilting at reasonable prices.

Business Overview

The Quilting Industry

PRIMEDIA a noted publisher of quilting magazines conducted a survey in 2003. From 2000 to 2003 the number of quilters increased by 15% exceeding 21 million. This is a 50% increase from 1997. Dedicated quilters (those spending over $500 per year) increased spending by 26% to a record 2.15 billion since the 2000 survey. The average age of women in this group is 54 years to 58 years.

With additional people learning the art of quilting each year, the need for quilting services has increased dramatically.

The longarm quilting machine is used to stitch the 3 layers of a quilt together, consisting of the top, the back, and the batting layer in between. Each year more women discover the physical demands of using their home machines to stitch the layers comprising a quilt. The use of a longarm quilting machine makes sewing the layers together much easier, thanks to a roller system that holds the three layers to be stitched. The machine is moved on a carriage along the length of a track system that runs parallel to the rollers. This reduces the overall physical stress to the operator and dramatically increases the productivity. A quilter can quilt 4-7 quilts per week with the longarm quilting machine.

Local Quilting Needs

It is estimated that during our first year of operation we will quilt 200 quilts for customers. This is expected to grow by 25% per year for the next two years. This growth will be based on new customers and improved reputation as experience and skill level is increase. It is expected that the business will level off at 300 – 350 quilts per year.

Meeting Local Quilting Needs

As a business we will post regular contact hours, and will provide pick up and delivery services at area quilt shops. We will stay competitive in price and maintain a reasonable turn-around-time.

In addition we will strive to offer the greatest variety of patterns and options to choose from, ensuring the uniqueness each quilt deserves.

Expanding the Area of Service

In an effort to expand our service area, we will join as many of the area quilt guilds as possible, advertise in (The Quilter’s Yellowbook) and offer to assist the area quilt guilds and or shops with charity quilts. Our goal is to cover the following counties within (3 Years): (list counties)

Estimated Revenue
The income is based on the full time operation of one longarm quilting machine:
• The average charge per quilt will be $ (110.40) based on $ (.015) per square inch and surface area of an 80 X 92 quilt. (the dimensions given represent a queen size quilt)
• We anticipate completing (200) quilts the first year at gross revenue of $ (22,080).
• Expenses are estimated at $10 per quilt, including thread, electrical, and maintenance; or $2,000 per year
• Net income in the first year is estimated to be $ (20,080)

Anticipated Growth
Our growth strategy plans for a (25) % growth each year or:
• $ (25,000) Net income in the second year.
• $ (31,000) Net income in the third year.

Cost Analysis

Startup Costs
• Gammill Quilting Machine – $ (Machine Cost Here) See attached Performa.
• Patterns, Thread and Batting – $(1,000)
• Total Costs (Total Costs Here)