Helping after Harvey

In August and September 2017, Hurricane Harvey caused devastating flooding across areas of Texas. Although her home was spared, Lee Ann Livley of League City, Texas, saw the destruction many others in her area were dealing with including those in nearby Bay Ridge. Wanting to help, Lee Ann made it her mission to provide quilts to as many of those effected by the flooding as possible. She put a call out to the quilting community and quilters from across America answered. Read More

Quilting with Love

Katie Elliott  | Laurie Boeve  | Jean Poest Nomination submitted by Barb TerpstraLaurie, Jean and Katie are the longarm quilters at Living Threads, a non-profit ministry that serves the grieving through quilting. Each of these ladies invests their heart into each quilt that is made for a grieving family.It is so heart-wrenching to lose a family member to death and the process to healing can be slow. Living Threads is privileged to provide a level of comfort to grieving families by the creation of beautiful quilts, wall hangings, pillows and more made from the clothing of their loved one. Many of these quilts are custom quilted to reflect the story of the children, siblings or spouses who are no longer with us.  Read More

Logistics of a longarm business

Logistics of starting a longarm business by Kris Vierra Whether you have just decided to start a longarm business or you have been quilting for a while as a hobby and have now decided to start taking customer quilts, there is a lot of preparation that needs to go into setting up a successful business.… Read More