Marjie Pippen

In 2010, Marjie Pippen and her quilting partner of 25 years, Alice Kraft, purchased a Statler by Gammill. Marjie quilted her own projects while Alice did quilting for customers. In May 2015, Marjie passed away suddenly.  Marjie had been a member of the Presidential Group, a group of eight quilters, who took it upon themselves to do something with her unfinished projects and her stash. The result was an effort that changed lives and raised thousands for worthy causes. Read More

Pick Up Bar Height Adjustment

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In this Tips & Tricks video, Sharon Blackmore explains how to adjust the height of the pick-up bar to accommodate for the fullness of a quilt as you roll it in order to prevent drag.

How to Level a Table with Hydraulics

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In this week’s Maintenance Moment video, Andrew demonstrates how to level a table that has a hydraulic system. See more Maintenance Moments at