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The Longarm Quilting Summit is currently sold out. Please e-mail contact@gammill.com for more details or to be added to the waiting list. We will open additional spots if they become available. 

What is Summit?

Summit is the ultimate longarm quilting retreat for computerized and hand guided quilters.  Whether you are an advanced quilter looking to hone your skills or a new quilter just beginning your journey, our educators can put you on the path to success.  Plus, what’s better than a Gammill event?  A Gammill event with extra options to maximize your fun! Whether you want a casual stroll or a trek to the summit we’ve got you covered. Hosted by Gammill, the Summit retreat will feature a menu of classes to select from, fun outings, fellowship with quilters, relaxation and pampering, delicious food, and more, all set in the beautiful mountains of Snowbird, Utah.

Pricing includes hotel, meals, education, and more. See below for details.

Snowbird, Utah

Our retreat will be set in beautiful Snowbird, Utah.  Snowbird is one of North America’s most iconic ski lodges. The majesty of Little Cottonwood Canyon can be explored from the views each room provides whether facing Snowbird’s ski slopes or peering down the glacially carved canyons spilling into the Salt Lake City valley below.

Longarm Quilting Classes

Summit will feature three days of classes from Gammill educators and special guests.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced, computerized Statler or Elevate, hand guided, or own another brand longarm quilting machine, Summit can help you on your journey to being the most confident quilter possible.

Class options include:

Green Circle classes are perfect for beginners and those new to longarm quilting

Blue Square classes are geared toward intermediate students looking to advance their skills

Black Diamond classes will help you take your quilting to the peak with advanced skills

Summit education team

Karen Farnsworth – Computerized education

Karen Marchetti – Hand-guided quilting

Jodi Robinson – Hand-guided quilting

Linda V. Taylor – Hand-guided quilting

Georgia Stull – Computerized education


Class Preview

Here’s a sampling of just some of the classes that will take your quilting to new heights at Summit. A complete schedule of classes will be available in late May. Class list is subject to change.
Confident beginner and up l computerized quilters
If you’re familiar with basic Edge-to-Edge quilting in CreativeStudio and you’re ready to tackle more complex overall quilt setups, then this class is made for you. During this class I’ll show you how to select, set-up, and use deeply nested patterns, alternating designs, patterns that stitch back and forth across rows, and concatenating (multiple) designs. We’ll also touch on using Fill and Trim in conjunction with e2e mode and learn how to use Relocate to recover from trouble or to change an e2e setup to a Repeat Pattern quilt group.
All levels l all quilters
This class is a combination of what every Statler owner needs to know about custom quilting – the technical skills and some basic freehand skills. Don’t limit your abilities by neglecting these skills. She will show you how, where and why to stabilize the quilt with stitch in the ditch and around curves and applique. She will also cover some of the standards of quilting show quilts. Be sure of your skills to maintain the integrity of the piecing, whether you use the computerized machine for your patterns, or do freehand quilting. Enhancing the best computerized quilting with freehand techniques is the ultimate achievement, according to Linda V Taylor. This class will open your eyes to many possibilities using simple freehand designs to make your quilting “pop” and fill in the gaps with artistry.
All levels l hand guided
Why not make magic happen on a quilt border? Karen will share how she’s used rulers, stencils, and basic markings to create some amazing borders. You’ll learn to create brilliant borders on any quilt. Karen will share various examples of both plain and pieced borders and discuss the how’s/whys of the quilting. You’ll leave with the skills to take your borders to the next level.
All levels | all quilters
Thinking about starting a new quilt business? Or, maybe you want to improve your current business. In the beginning, I had tons of questions and I knew there were more questions that I didn’t even know to ask! I have 16 years of experience as a quilter for hire and I am ready to answer YOUR questions!
Beginner, new owner | computerized quilters
Are you new to Statler? Contemplating computerized quilting? Considering an upgrade to CreativeStudio 7 from a previous version? Ready for a refresher on the basics of navigating this robust software? Then this class is for you! CreativeStudio is Gammill’s operational software for Statler owners and a design software for Statler or Elevate owners or anyone interested in pattern design. In this class, you will familiarize yourself with CreativeStudio as we present an overview of the CreativeStudio screen, its various sections, menus, and toolstrips. This class also covers essential computer and mouse skills for Statler owners as well as handy tips to make navigating CreativeStudio faster and more efficient.
Beginner and intermediate | computerized quilters
You know the struggle! You want the perfect design/designs to make the quilt “over the top” AMAZING. You look at the quilt hoping the quilt will “talk” to you. And, if that quilt isn’t talking…then what? This class will give you a process for eliminating design dilemmas.
Confident beginner and up l computerized quilters
Learn the key differences between the Trim and Fill functions in CreativeStudio 7 and when to use each on your quilts. I’ll show you what makes a pattern good (or bad) for using as a Fill. I’ll detail the process of using both Fill and Trim features, including Inside and Outside of each from the CS screen or the quilt. You’ll see plenty of practical examples of both.
Beginner and Intermediate l computerized quilters
Beautiful borders and sashes can raise a quilt to new levels! Quilt any border or sash with full confidence. This class covers making wise pattern choices, setting up border patterns, “chunking” down the sides instead of turning the quilt, and so much more!!
Intermediate l hand guided
I think most machine quilters have stitched gridwork in many of its different forms: grids, crosshatching, curved crosshatching, and adding design elements to a grid. In this class, I will share with you some very unique, and different design ideas to change up the common grid. Learn to look at grids in a whole new way, to create unique gridwork designs that will take your quilting up a notch. Students should be comfortable doing rulerwork.
All levels l hand guided
In this class, we are going to throw advance planning out the window! I will share with you my process of marking and designing, in an improvisational manner, directly on the fabric … letting the shapes and lines tell you what comes next. Come discover how freeing it can be to simply start with some basic shape templates, a ruler, and a piece of fabric, to end up with an amazing (and totally unplanned) wholecloth quilt.
All levels l hand guided
Learn some of Karen’s favorite free-formed feathers and how to adapt any feather to work for your comfort level. You’ll learn how to stretch and curve feathers, so they appear to move. Utilizing this effect, the feathers will work in any area of a quilt but also hold their own beautifully. Karen uses these techniques in her all-over feather backgrounds.
Beginner and up l hand guided
This is a perfect class for beginners, who are looking to build their confidence! And before you say …. Oh, I don’t make modern quilts, you should know that these designs are not just for modern quilts! While they do work great for modern quilts, they can also be used on fun kids quilts, as well as quilts needing a more masculine design. You are going to be amazed by the adaptability of these very SIMPLE designs! I will teach you simple free-hand designs that are very easy to stitch, and can be used in blocks, borders, and allover designs! You will learn the basic designs, and then, how you can add to them to create more complex variations, depending on the look you want to achieve. My favorite thing about these designs is the fact that they are all stitched “purposely random”, reducing the need for perfection.
Intermediate | computerized quilters
CreativeStudio is chock full of features and tools to create and stitch a beautiful custom quilt. This class will introduce you to many of the features you will use in custom quilting such as Import Image, Draw Features, Text, Apply, Order Join, as well as editing patterns for the perfect fit in imperfect places. Tips on the process of custom quilting will be shared and there will be time for Questions!
Intermediate and up l computerized quilters
Do you want to learn how to use CreativeStudio features to alter patterns to fit the quilt you’re working on? Are you interested in creating patterns with the draw tools in CreativeStudio? Then this is the class to get you started with pattern alteration and creation. I’ll demonstrate modifying, designing, testing, and saving patterns using CS7. This class is loaded with valuable tips from my 12+ years creating and selling digital patterns. Just a few of the features you’ll see in action are Draw Arc, Image Import, Nodes, Order Join, Snaps and more.
All levels l all quilters
Do you have a computerized quilting system … But love freehand quilting as well? Let me show you how well the two can work together, to create the perfect combination! Learn how you can let the computer stitch out the basic framework or base design, and then you can go back in and add some fun free hand, or ruler quilting! This is a great way to create your own unique quilting designs. You can add just a little quilting, or as much as you like, depending on the desired look. We will discuss which type of digital designs work well, and which don’t.
All levels l hand guided
Ugh… not another sashing! Do you ever find yourself lost with what designs to add to sashings or those thin inner borders? Do you ever just leave those areas unstitched? Don’t fear, using these simple yet effective designs will have you filling those skinny spaces up in no time!
All levels l hand guided
Join Linda for this amazingly fun class. Stars and blocks gazing at you on those quilt tops? Come with stars in your eyes and allow Linda to give you plenty of ideas to quilt the milky way. Also see how to manage those volcanos in the middle of the star or on any of the pieced blocks on your quilts. Students find this practical class very helpful and motivating. Go home with tons of ideas on how to freehand quilt any kind of blocks on your quilts, outside and in. You’ll be trailing stardust when you leave this class. Students say best sampler ever!
All levels l hand guided
Creating texture is an art – when and where to add it on a quilt top can be a difficult process. Karen will share variations of designs to showcase how fabric surfaces change by creating layers of texture. You’ll learn to take basic quilting to a new level by adding depth and texture. We’ll examine various quilting textures and how they affect designs.

Fun and Fellowship

Make new friends, enjoy relaxing views, sample delicious food, and don’t miss out on making memories to last a lifetime. Along with classes, Summit will feature entertainment and fun including games, prizes, dinner entertainment, quilter show and tell, optional mountain excursions, and a spa day at Snowbird’s beautifully renovated Cliff Spa featuring a rooftop pool and hot tub and salon.

What is Included

Summit Base Camp: $1,649 

  • Includes hotel accommodations at Snowbird July 21-24 (per person based on double occupancy)
  • Education and classes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning
  • Thursday evening reception
  • All meals and snacks Friday and Saturday (including dinner) and breakfast on Sunday
  • One-day access to the Cliff Lodge Spa
  • Transportation from Quilt Festival in Salt Lake City to Snowbird on July 21.


SOLD OUT Summit Peak: $2,199 

Basecamp students can join a Summit Peak waiting list

  • Includes Summit Base Camp
  • Hotel accommodations on July 24 (per person, double occupancy)
  • Summit Peak exclusive education session on Sunday
  • Monday morning session
  • A tour to Salt Lake City
  • All meals on Sunday and breakfast on Monday
  • Tram excursion
  • Special spa experience. 
  • (a combined value of $2,349)

À la carte Options (purchase below)

  • Sunday Stay:  Additional Sunday night hotel stay. Includes breakfast and Monday morning class session. Per person based on double occupancy. $160 SOLD OUT
  • Tram Excursion: $50
  • Spa Massage: $145 SOLD OUT
  • Salt Lake City Tour including dinner: $200 SOLD OUT
  • Single occupancy room: Additional $110 per night

Schedule of Events

Subject to change

Our flexible schedule will allow you to relax and enjoy all amenities Snowbird has to offer.

Thursday afternoon transportation from Quilt Festival in Salt Lake City to Snowbird.

4 to 6 p.m. Check In
7 p.m. Welcome reception

All meals, hotel, and classes are included this day

Intro Class
Tram Tour
Evening Events

All meals, hotel, and classes are included this day

Evening of games, prizes and fun!

Approximately 12 p.m. – Summit Base Camp Ends

Summit Peak Begins
Tour to Salt Lake and Olympic Park
Special Education Session

Farewell at approximately 12 p.m.

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Join us for a tour to Salt Lake City on July 24. Plus, we will visit Olympic Park, best known for the 2002 Olympic Games, and Park City, as they prepare for the 2030 Olympics Limited supply
Buy here

Summit Peak - Hotel and Education Only

Join us for an extra night at Summit Peak. This package includes hotel accommodations for July 24 (per person, based on double occupancy), breakfast on July 25, and the July 25 educational session. Does not include Salt Lake City Tour, Tram Excursion, Spa Experience or Dinner on July 24. To purchase as a package, please select the Summit Peak package option. *Guest meals and activities will be available to purchase at a later date if you select private room and would like to include a non-quilter guest.
Buy here
Enjoy your own private room at Summit or select to bring a non-quilting guest. This option may be purchased in the package price at initial checkout or added later. Room capacity is two people. Single rooms must be purchased for the duration of your visit at the cost of $110 per night. *Guest meals and activities will be available to purchase at a later date if you select private room and would like to include a non-quilter guest.
Buy here
Relax and enjoy a luxury massage at the Cliff Spa during your Summit stay. Limited supply
Buy here

Summit Peak: $2,199 (early bird $1,999)

All-inclusive pricing for the ultimate longarm quilting retreat for computerized and hand guided quilters. Summit Peak includes all education, hotel, meals, and activities at the Gammill Longarm Quilting Summit July 21-25, 2022. A combined value of $2,349 *Guest meals and activities will be available to purchase at a later date if you select private room and would like to include a non-quilter guest.
Buy here

Summit Base Camp: $1,649

The ultimate longarm quilting retreat!

Summit Base Camp includes all education, hotel, meals at Summit Base Camp, July 21-24. Additional activities planned for July 24 and 25 may be purchased Ala Carte or may be purchased as a complete package through the Summit Peak option. *Guest meals and activities will be available to purchase at a later date if you select private room and would like to include a non-quilter guest.
Buy here
Join us for the Friday, July 22 Tram Tour. Escape the heat and enjoy  360 degrees of breathtaking views with a Summer Scenic Tram Ride at Snowbird, which is handicap accessible. Space is limited
Buy here

Cancellation Policy

61 days or prior: Refund less $100 processing fee

Cancellation 15 to 60 days prior to event: 50% refund

Cancellation within 15 days of event: no refunds

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