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Each Vision 2.0 comes standard with cast aluminum head, all-steel table, user-friendly tablet, regulated stitch, diagnostic system and LED light fixture.


Click below to locate a dealer to order parts and additional options.


Additional Options (MSRP Pricing)


Alternate Table Size – $399
6, 8, 10, 11, 14 foot tables

Overhead Light Bar – $899

Limited Edition Color for Machine Head – $999* (please see your dealer for accurate color chart representation)

Hydraulic Height Adjustment – $1,799 Includes Casters

Swivel Casters – $139

Leaders with Zippered Edges – $299

Panto Drive Handles – $269

 pantograph handles


Cutting Mat – $149

Extended Throat Plate (Size 22, 26, 30) – $119

Micro-Drive Handles for micro stippling – $149

Alignment Mat – $229

Deluxe Drafting Chair – $229

 Stand-Alone Bobbin Winder – $119

103-0042 bobbin winder

Horizontal Spool Holder* – $49

horizontal spool holder

Gam Guide Jr. – $29

Vertical Small Spool Holder for 18-8 (2) $20

vertical small spool holder


Maintenance Kit – $99

Includes: bobbin case, needle set screw, encoder “O” ring, tension check assembly, 2 anti-backlash springs, cone spring, bobbin winder “O” ring stand alone, 2 thread guides, 3-hole thread guide

Start-Up Supply Kit – $499

Includes: Toll 80/20 cotton/poly batting, maintenance kit, stand-alone bobbin winder, 13 cones of assorted thread, 10 extra bobbins, 100 extra needles, 1-quart oil, magnetic pin holder, and applique helper.

* Not available for the Vision 2.0 18-8

Contact us for more information

Locate a dealer to order parts & supplies