Kim Diamond

Kim Diamond – Independent Teacher

Kim Diamond is an award winning quilter, established Statler longarm owner, teacher and business woman. Launching her career in 1998, Kim founded the quilt company, Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio, where she primarily quilted for others. After struggling to find patterns for her clients, she became one of the first computer designers in the longarm industry to begin creating and implementing pattern drawings via the Statler by Gammill®. Since the launch of her designing, Kim has taken her company to the international level and has traveled and taught worldwide. She has become one of the leading pattern designers in the industry. With a passion for learning and teaching she has been instrumental in starting and leading the SUGAR conference which is the first training-intensive conference of its kind specific to Statler users. Kim also started the Certified Training program with Paul Statler and has implemented and written training materials exclusive to Statler by Gammill®. Over the years, her business has developed and grown to new heights all while teaching others innovative ways to make the most of their Statler. For more information, please visit her website.