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Exactly what is the Galil and how does one know if it is going bad. My machine get moderate use.

My machine frequently loses its orientation to the project.
generally happens when I am working in p2p.
 the entire project moves far away from the cross hairs for no reason.
I also get errors that I have hit an obstacle and the head is in the middle of the table. nothing there.
Last time this happened, the dialog boxes were behind the main screen. I didnt even see the message until i was shutting down.
It was suggest to reload cs6 I have done that, some relief but errors are beginning to happen again.
and now that I have reloaded i am guessing there is no log of the errors that have occured.
how do i print out those logs. I want to begin doing this after each project, so I can be clearer when
talking to tech.

jane S.
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Re: Galil
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Hi there,
I'm going to need more information from you, but I'll answer what I can.
The Galil is basically the brains of the machine. It's in the controller and it's what tells the machine where to go.
When a machine is losing its orientation, the first things I check are the X and Y pulleys. If any of the pulleys are loose or if there is thread around the pulleys, it can cause the machine to lose position. If you will send me an email, I can send you instructions on checking those.
Intermittent issues like this are difficult to diagnose without extensive troubleshooting. The next time the machine comes up with an Abort Due to Obstacle error follow these instructions: 1. close out of the error (cancel or OK). Go to Tools, Technical Support, Diagnostics. At the bottom of that screen you should see a box that says "Hold Motors." Click on that. That should lock your machine in place. Try moving the machine forward and backwards, side to side, and try turning the handwheel. If the machine moves freely in any direction, please send the results of that test to That will give us some information so we can troubleshoot more effectively.
The log files are generally stored on the desktop or in the Statler Stitcher folder. If you are running CS 6, then the log files will be in C:Statler Stitcher/CreativeStudio/ CS log files. Those may or may not tell us anything about this particular issue.
I hope this is helpful for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or
Thank you,
Lis Groe
Gammill Customer Support

Re: Galil
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thanks for the information. I will do this next time.
I am also keeping a handwritten log of dialog boxes etc.
Currently I am off to a 4 day quilt retreat, so wont be quilting
until middle of next week.

jane S
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A Day Hemmed In Prayer Is Less Likely to Unravel