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« on: July 23, 2017, 04:00:48 PM »
I recently had my rocking finger removed by a technician and was told I don't need this on my machine. Many of my fellow Gammill owner friends say theirs have been removed and their machine sews just fine without it. Do I need the rocking finger or not. My understanding of the rocking finger is it helps the top thread to escape the bobbin case as it completes it stitch without getting entrapped. Could you please advise.

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You have explained itís function perfectly. It creates an escapement when the thread is passing through the opening between the hook and retainer bracket to make the stitch. The rocking finger is a helpful tool to make a better stitch. It will sew without it but it will make a much better stitch with it setup properly.

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Thank you for this explanation. Is there someone I can call that can help me replace my rocking finger. I have tried to figure it out from the manual, the Gammill videos, and from Rick Taylor's Maintenance Video. All have information that makes it understandable but it seems the techniques are different which is frustrating me. Perhaps I have missed something. Thank you.

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Hi Carol! Your dealer can assist with this. To locate your nearest dealer, visit
Also, if you would like to give tech support a call, they would be happy to answer any questions from the videos or about the techniques used. They can be reached at 800-659-8224 ext. 1.
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