Upcoming Educational Events in March and April
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More information about these and other events is online at http://gammill.com/community/events-2/

March 3 - 5: Riverton, Utah
2016 Rocky Mountain Statler Retreat, Old Dome Meeting Hall
Hosted by Rocky Mountain Electric Quilter's
About the event: Learn amazing techniques from Joan Knight and take your quilting to a new level.  She will teach you how to utilize CreativeStudio as well as some of her tricks that make the setup of custom quilting faster and easier.

April 7 - 10 and  April 14 - 17: Bismark, Arkansas     
Southern Belle Statler Retreat  - DeGray State Park
We will be represented by dealer: Stitch-N-Frame

April 21 - 23, 2016  McKinney, Texas
Statler Retreat 
Hosted by: Linda's Electric Quilters