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CreativeStudio / Feature Request - Align patterns on CAD screen
« on: March 24, 2017, 05:02:48 AM »
One feature I would like to see in CS is an align.  This is different than putting patterns along a line using Apply.

For example, I might have 5 different patterns on the CAD and want to have them all on the same horizontal or vertical line.  I might want to center them.  Look at the Google Slides "Arrange" menus for a full picture of this requested feature.

Thanks for your consideration! 

I am a new Gammill owner.  Could find "new topic" only in this forum so please forgive if it should be elsewhere.

I bought a new mouse and found a problem with it and Creative Studio 6.  The problem is only in CS6 (and not in any other software), and if I attached a standard old Dell mouse, it works correctly in CS6.  Thought the software developers might want to check it out.

CONDITIONS:  CS6 in SAM mode on Windows 10 laptop.  Microsoft Comfort 4500 Mouse
ERROR:  In CS6, the scroll wheel when moved in either direction makes the object smaller - never larger. 
TESTING:  The mouse works fine with the scroll wheel enlarging and shrinking web pages and parts of other applications.
If you plug in a standard old Dell mouse, the scroll wheel works normally with CS6.

I took two short videos to show the problem. 

CS6 with Microsoft Comfort 4500 Mouse:

CS6 with Dell standard mouse:

I have a workaround so it is not vital, but wanted Gammill to have the information.

-- Cindy King

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