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CreativeStudio / Re: Installation problem
« on: August 24, 2017, 05:02:51 AM »
Hi Bob,
My Machine has come up with the same message upon installation of CS7 as yours
Firstly you will need to remove CS7 and then you will need to check your computer to see if you have a file that says microsoft .NET.3.5.1 or a .NET45 or similar on your computer you need a .NET File for CS7 .
If you dont then you will need to download it and install it. After installing try to Install CS7.0Again.

If you have .NET or if the install fails after installing it then go back to add remove programs on your computer and remove all the files that start with Microsoft SQL and a number eg. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and so on .
Restart your computer and install a earlier version of SQL restart your computer and then try and load CS7.0 and see how it goes .Hopefully either of these issues should solve your problem . This advice was given to us by our Gammill Service Technician and i will be installing CS7.0 again this way this weekend coming and hopefully happy days quilting on CS7.0 . Before you start also check you have Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 installed on PC . Hope this info helps

Dallas McLellan

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