Snyc Grid with Pattern so that I can Restart
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I changed my bobbin mid-way thru a row.  When I restarted, I obviously did something in error, and it would now allow me to sew the stitches missed.  I was able to finish the row.  I saved the project and need to now figure out how to sew those missing stitches.  Is there a way for me to align the pattern with the crosshair and then "restart"?     

Re: Snyc Grid with Pattern so that I can Restart
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Hi Lisa,
In order to sync up your crosshairs with your machine, you need to do a Relocate. If you are in E2E, you'll want to do a relocate project origin. To do that, first, put your machine head on the very first stitch of the row you're working on. Then on the CAD screen, you'll right click on the first pattern in the row and go down to Relocate, Relocate project origin. A message will come up saying that this will realign all of the patterns in the project. Make sure your machine head is still on that first stitch, then click Yes. Next it will have you recreate your boundary box. You want to make sure to give it your entire quilting area just like when you set up the E2E. Click the upper left hand corner of the quilt up by the pick up bar, then the upper right. Then the lower right all the way down by the belly bar and finally the upper left. That should realign your crosshairs with your machine. You can then use the restart icon and pick a new point to restart quilting.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you and have a great day!
Lis Groe
Gammill Customer Support

Re: Snyc Grid with Pattern so that I can Restart
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 I will try that next time. It sounds like that you can stay in E2E this way?