Glad I found this GG ( Gammill Group)
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My name is Judy.  I'm a mother of 3, grandmother of 6, 69 years old, twice divorced and am good with it all.  I have a Gammill Classic Plus that is one of my very good friends right along with my sewing machine and serger and knitting needles and piano.  Mostly I quilt for myself and family.  I have done a few quilts for others and would like to do more, but not so much that it us no longer a pleasure.  I practice and watch videos and practice some more.
I live in central Indiana so it won't be long before cold weather and Colts football sets in.....
I'm a sports fan, too.  Looking forward to getting to know you better and learning from you all......jj

Re: Glad I found this GG ( Gammill Group)
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Welcome to the group!