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Good morning from Southern Illinois where it's hot and humid!
My name is TJ Speiser and I am a Statler-aholic. LOL!  :D I joined this Gammill Statler family over 8 years ago when I wanted to quilt one quilt for my parents. I found the Statler and knew I could make a living with it.  I am a quilter, designer, educator and Beta tester. I love what I do!!!
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Hi, this is Andrew Weaver from Andrew's Gammill Northwest.  I have loved these Gammill machines since the very first time I was asked to adjust one - the technology for delivering perfectly consistent tension is unlike any other sewing machine on the planet.  So blessed to be a part of this wonderful community of Longarm Quilters and be able to serve them and learn from them.
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I'm new to the forum, but I am happy to be a resource for anyone needing help in Canada.  As my friends know I'm quick with an opinion  :D

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