Vision 2.0 Retrofit
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Not sure where to post/ask this .... I just had the Vision 2.0 retrofit done.  What setting(s) would I use to wind my bobbins on the onboard bobbin winder?  The old setting used to be under "Diagnostics" ... When I had to wind bobbins this weekend, I just set it to "Constant" ... Is this right?  Nowhere could I find the setting instructions in the Retrofit manual I got. Thank you.

Re: Vision 2.0 Retrofit
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Hi Laurie! You will need to go to menu, service and maintenance, to motor, then to manual, make sure it is in the forward direction, set speed to the desired speed and hit start. Thanks!

Re: Vision 2.0 Retrofit
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HI Laurie,

I have a premiere and want to up grade it. I was wondering if your retrofit was expensive and do you like it?  Any advice?
I use the stand alone bobbin winder. just to avoid problems..
thanks Donna
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