Gammill's stand alone bobbin winder
« on: February 02, 2016, 09:29:05 PM »
Is there a picture available that shows how the o ring should line up with the wheel on the stand alone bobbin winder?  Mine has come loose and I think I have it back right but would like a photo of how it should be. 

Also, in looking for that info on line I watched a video of Linda Taylor threading the stand alone bobbin winder.  She states that most people thread it the wrong way.  The Gammill manuals say to wind clockwise around the tension disc, but Linda says to wind the thread counter clockwise.  Which is it? 

Robin in MT

Re: Gammill's stand alone bobbin winder
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Hi Robin, Thank you for your post! Attached is a photo of the bobbin winder threading. The thread should go counter clockwise. The manual has been updated to reflect this (page 6-6).
Thank you!

Re: Gammill's stand alone bobbin winder
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I saw this post and wondered how you adjust the alignment of the o-ring with the wheel.  There doesn't seem to be a side to side adjustment screw, only a front to back.  Please advise, Shandi.  Thanks!

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Hi Kssulli! To adjust the O-ring, use a 2MM Allen wrench and loosen the set screen on the pulley. Then slide it in or out to center it on the flat of the big wheel. Do not center it on the groove. If you have any trouble, please contact us and a technician would be happy to walk you through the process! 800-659-8224 ext. 1. Thank you!