Windows 10
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Windows 10
Gammill is currently in the process of evaluating Windows 10 and has been for the past few months.  At this time, we feel Windows 10 is perfectly fine for use on any Stand Alone Mode (SAM) computer to run CreativeStudio software.  However, use of Windows 10 on computers that operate the Statler by Gammill is still being evaluated.  There will continue to be in-depth testing prior to recommending installation of Windows 10 on your Statler PC.  We will make a final announcement in the coming months concerning when Windows 10 will be safe to use on Statler by Gammill PCs.  With new Operating System releases there can be any number of things that can go wrong and we want to make sure that your Statlers are not forced into downtime due to a Windows error that could have been prevented.  Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for our Statler PCs running Windows 7 through Windows 8.1 until late July 2016. We appreciate your patience during this testing process and will release further information as soon as it is available.
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Re: Windows 10
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My Windows 10 machine and creativestudio  has lost communication with the motor contro computer l. My statler is down!!

Hos do I get this resolved?

Re: Windows 10
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Hi, I think the best thing you can do in this situation is to reboot the entire system (after saving your project). I think there's a good chance Statler tech support can mail you a system restore dvd to get you back to the way things were prior to the Windows 10 "upgrade". I had a customer whose computer got scrambled (different circumstances) and that restore DVD did the trick for her.
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