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Hi, Hopefully someone can lead me step-by-step on how to create vertical sashings across the quilt top in CS.

I have 5 sashings each 3x12 (approx). I laid them out in CS using P2P pattern icon. When I went to put in the pattern swirl border the screen laid it out horziontialy and was too big for the first 3x12 sashing.

What would be a better way to approach this?

Also, how do I attach/insert a picture?

Re: Sashings - Photo Uploads
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Hi MizKia! To attach a photo, when typing your post, there should be a plus sign and link that says "Attachments and other options" just below the text box.  Click that and then below a box should appear with the option to browse. Just click browse and select the file you wish to upload. There is a max up file size of 128KB.
Thank you!

Re: Sashings
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Thanks but I don't see the option to browse anywhere on the screen

can't do a snip/paste either

Re: Sashings
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Apparently Shandi, we cannot attach. This is all I see...

- Attachments and other options
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Re: Sashings
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So no other suggestions except techinal items?

Wow! So very helpful...not

Guess I will just have to turn the quilt.

Re: Sashings
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Good morning MizKia, I'm new to this forum but there is an "insert image" icon right underneath the bold icon.  Did you try using that?  I didn't see anything under the "attachments and other options" either.

Re: Sashings
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Thanks Heidi....I didn't know that was there. But when I clicked on it all it gave me was this:   
So I still couldn't upload a picture.

I also figured out how to make my vertical sashings work. With the handles on, I right clicked and there at the top was a Rotate 90 degrees option and it worked out.


Re: Sashings
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Kia, I apologize I just saw your other messages on this string. We seem to be having a technical problem with the photo uploads but are working to fix it. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.