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Gammill, you said that I would be able to add ram to my orginal Gammill computer. You did not mention that you "crippled" the system so that it cannot run more than a 32 bit system. the specs for the computer that I received from Gammill say that I should be able to upgrade it to a 64 bit system and add more ram. Unable to do this as you crippled or limited the operating system of said machine away from the specs that that given machine.  Gammill I am disappointed. I have supported you through all the who ha going on re forcing people to buy orginal Gammill computers. But now I may be jumping ship. why did you so severly limit these machines? CS6 runs slow on my current system, I cannot imagine running 7 on and problaby wont now! Shame on you!!!! Paul Statler is problaby sorry he sold out!
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