Creative Studio 7 Requirements
« on: March 16, 2017, 10:51:25 PM »
     I have been a lurker since 2005 and never saw the need to post. We had the best quilter available. Everywhere we looked at quilt machines they said it's as good as a Gammill. Updates were included but the price was high. Gammill was the Best.  The service was and still is number 1 and the help is great.
     I was excited to see a new update until I saw Gammill was taking a path away from what we paid for and were promised by our dealer, sadly who is no longer with us, and the company in Columbia, Mo.
     When computers were not available and you gave out specs and directions. We followed and upgraded to keep currant. Having to buy a new computer at this time severely upset me when we have one running window 8. At one time you were going to charge for computer time which would be fine. The company has to make a profit.
     I can see where you were going to be able to come into and take it over where you would need a cretin specs  but you never did that.  That would have been worth the money.
     I would appreciate if you would make it where we can keep the equipment we have.  A minimum spec has to be had but there are many of us who have geared up. Basic computer service can be had locally.
This is my opinion. Please contact me if you have questions.    Thanks  Bill