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I am uploading my patterns through cloud and there seems to be a limit on what I can upload.  Is there an easier way to upload all my patterns; I know I am doing something wrong.
Ginger Biesenthal

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Hi Ginger!
You should be able to upload as many patterns as you would like (including from different folders) then click Upload and it bulk uploads all at once. Can you describe more about the what you are seeing or send a screenshot to Thank you!

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I love the cloud idea!
However if I connect my computer to the internet, I have to un-connect the control box.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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Are you uploading through the cloud website or through CreativeStudio? If you're doing it through the cloud website I don't believe there is a limit. You may have to upload a folder of patterns at a time. I know the most I have tried so far is 100 from the cloud website.

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I bought a USB to Ethernet connector (about $14)--I have a 3.0 USB port on my Statler computer/so it is faster, but if you have a 2.0 USB then you can use a cheaper adapter.  I then insert the USB to the slot/connect a (separate) ethernet cable into the adapter, and insert the other ethernet into the wall port for internet.  It worked really great, and now I detach it and keep it with my supplies for connecting when I need to.  (e.g. downloading new patterns, or downloading updates)  Hope that helps.  It is also what the technician suggested. 
You can also (if you have wireless) get a USB adapter for wireless, but I wanted to use an ethernet hard connection for this purpose.