Pam Clarke

Pam Clarke, Quilting Artist

 Location: Spokane, WA

Quilting Experience: 24 years longarm quilting

Pam Clarke has been quilting since the late 1960’s and sewing for 46 years.  She lives in Spokane, WA and grew up in Sacramento, CA.  Pam has been machine quilting and teaching machine quilting, piecing and appliqué classes since 1988.  She is the owner of Homes Stitches ( a professional machine quilting business that was started in 1988.

Pam’s work can be seen in several published magazines and books.  She quilts for Debbie Mumm, K-P kids, Fiber Mosaics, Mary Lou and Company, Fabric Sales, Kaufman, Bernantix, Retta Weirheim and Martingale.

To date, Pam has quilted more than 7,000 quilts and has made several hundred. Pam has appeared on Quilt Central and with Linda Taylor for PBS, Quilt It, and as a guest on Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson. She has also been featured in Fons and Porter as a Celebrity Quilter.

Pam is an international instructor, including IMQS, Innovations, Machines in Motion, The Home Machine Quilt, IMQX in NH, International Quilt Festival in Houston and several local shows in the Northwest.

Pam’s favorite type of quilting is appliqué mixed with simple piecing with a scrappy look that has won her numerous ribbons across the USA. “Designs with Lines” is another business that was started by Pam Clarke in 1998. This technique was designed to help speed up the quilting process by using simple lines as a guide to create individual designs. Pam has been creating her own stencils for several years and this technique is used for the home machine quilter or the longarm machine quilter. She has available 9 videos from beginning to the advanced machine quilter, along with sketchbooks full of ideas to go along with her stencils.

In February 2007, Pam published “Quilting Inside the Lines” with Golden Threads and AQS. In 2010, she joined the Gammill Quilting team as one of their celebrity quilters