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Bekki Lund

Bekki Lund

Bekki Lund – Manager for At the Heart of Quilting in Michigan

St. Joseph, Michigan



Bekki began quilting in the early 80’s after taking a class as a local fabric store. She enjoyed it and immediately designed and pieced a queen size quilt. She returned to quilting as her children got older, sewing with a group of ladies at her church. That was the start of her addiction to quilting. In 2004 she was introduced to the Gammill longarm machines, taking a class so she could quilt the t-shirt quilt she designed and made for her daughter’s high school graduation. Not long after that, she began working for the local Gammill dealership. Having a background in computers, she was immediately drawn to the Statler Stitcher. In 2008 she purchased her own machine “Sewphie” and started her own longarm business, Sewphisticated Stitching.

Bekki is a member of the Berrien Towne & Country Quilt Guild, and is the Manager of At the Heart of Quilting’s newest subdealership located in St. Joseph, Michigan.  She has been active in selling the Gammill machines since 2005.


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