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Statler User Guides & Manuals

CreativeStudio 7.0 Manual | PDF

Additional CreativeStudio 7.0 Documents

What’s New in CS 6.0  | PDF

CreativeStudio User Manual v6.0 | PDF

Statler Machine Manual | PDF

Statler by Gammill 2015 Pattern Catalogue | PDF

What’s New in 5.0.0 | PDF

CreativeStudio 5.0.0 Complete Manual | PDF

CreativeStudio 5.0 Draw Freehand Tutorial | PDF

Whats New in 4.2 | PDF

CreativeStudio 4.1 Installation Guide | PDF

Whats New in 4.1 | PDF

Known Issues in 4.1 | PDF

What’s New in 4.0.0 | PDF

CreativeStudio 4.0.0 Complete Manual | PDF

CreativeStudio 4.0.0 Training Patterns | ZIP

What’s New in 3.0.0 | PDF

CreativeStudio V3.0.0 Complete Manual | PDF

What’s New in 2.0.0 | PDF

CreativeStudio V2.0.0 Updates Only | PDF

CreativeStudio V2.0.0 Complete Manual  | PDF

CreativeStudio User Manual V1.2.0 | PDF

CreativeStudio User Manual V1.2.0 | CHM

Statler Stitcher 2009 Catalogue | PDF

Creative Studio Install Guide V1 | PDF

PrecisionStitch® v8.0.0 – v8.5.0 Manual | PDF

PrecisionStitch® v8.0.0 Manual | PDF

PrecisionStitch® Manual Addendum for 8.5 | PDF

AutoSketch® for Statler Stitcher® Manual | PDF

AutoSketch® Macros Template for No Sew and Pause Stitching | SFK

Pattern File Names, Listed by Old Names | PDF

Pattern File Names, Listed by New Names  | PDF

Statler Controller Firmware Update | PDF




Vision 2.0 User Guides & Manuals

Vision 2.0 Quick Start Guide | PDF

Vision 2.0 User Manual | PDF

Vision 2.0 Version 1.2.0 Feature Instructions| PDF

Vision 2.0 Retrofit Service Manual | PDF



Charm Guides and Manuals

Charm Quick Start Guide | PDF

Charm Troubleshooting Guide | PDF



Gammill Tips & Guides

New System Specifications and Diagrams | PDF

Gammill Machine Manual | PDF

Threading the On-Board Bobbin Winder: The On-Board Bobbin Winder is powered by the motor and winds the bobbin as you sew. When the bobbin becomes full the winder shuts off automatically.