We encourage you to visit Royal Caribbean’s website for more general information about cruising.

For the Gammill Set Sail with Statler Cruise, you may book your airport transfers directly through Gammill. See below for more information. All other excursions, amenity packages and travel arrangements should be made independently or through Royal Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner (excursions and other amenities)

Royal Caribbean Air2Sea Travel Program (flight information)

Airport Transfers
Royal Caribbean offers ground transportation from George Bush International and Hobby International airports. Please note the flight time deadlines if traveling the day the cruise sails or returns.
George Bush International: Latest flight on arrival is 11 a.m. and the earliest flight on departure is 12:30 p.m.
Hobby International: Latest flight on arrival is 12 p.m. and the earliest flight on departure is 12 p.m.
The following information will be needed when booking a transfer: Names, Carrier, Flight Number, Departure Date, Origin City, Departure Time, Arrival Date, Destination City, arrival time.
 To book, please call 800-659-8224 ext. 222 or email (a response will be sent to verify we have received the information).

SetSail Pass
Each guest has the option to complete their SetSail Pass (boarding pass) online via the Royal Caribbean Website or complete the check-in at the pier. The below instructions would be for the online check-in process.
Instructions to obtain Set Sail Pass (boarding pass):
1. Available up to 4 days prior to sailing
2. Visit
3. Click on the “Already Booked” tab
4. Choose “Online Check-in”
5. Input personal information (surname, reservation number, ship & sail date, and preferred language)
6. There will be 4 steps to the online check-in, per person. Once all four steps are completed the guest will be able to print their Set Sail Pass.

Guest Ticket Booklet/Electronic Documents
Each guest has the option to view and print their Guest Ticket Booklet online via our Royal Caribbean Website. This booklet is not needed for sailing purposes. However, on the last page there are printable luggage tags, as well as transfer or hotel vouchers if purchased as part of your cruise package. Printing the luggage tags is an option as they will be provided at the pier. The instructions are below.
Instructions to obtain Guest Ticket Booklet:
1. Available approximately 45 days from sailing
2. Visit
3. Click on the “Already Booked” tab “Before you Go”
4. Choose “Count down to Cruise”
5. Input personal information (surname, reservation number, and ship & sail date)
6. Click on “Cruise Documentation” tab
7. Click on “check status” under Guest Vacation Documents
8. Click on “View Documents” or “Print Documents”

Each guest has the option to purchase excursions online via our Royal Caribbean Website or onboard via the Excursions Desk. The below instructions would be for the online excursion purchase process.
Instructions to purchase shore excursions online:
1. Available up to 4 days from sailing
2. Visit
3. Click on “Already Booked” tab
4. Choose “Cruise Planner”
5. Input their own personal information (surname, reservation number, and ship & sail date)
6. Choose “Shore Excursions

Each guest will receive, at the pier, their individual SeaPass. This SeaPass looks like a credit card and is multi-functional as follow:
1. Their form of Identification
2. Their form of payment onboard the ship
3. Key to their stateroom

Onboard Credit
Each stateroom has a $75.00 onboard credit for all guests in ocean view or balcony room. This credit will be attached to the SeaPass on guest one. The credit will show on the account on day two-turndown. The guest can visit the guest relations desk onboard for assistance in splitting the credit among all guests in the stateroom

Travel Documents
US Citizens:
Valid passport or Birth Certificate and Drivers License is acceptable.
A passport substitute such as a U.S. Passport Card, Enhanced Drivers License, or Trusted Travel Program card such as Nexus, Sentri or Fast is also acceptable
If a woman has several surnames on different documents such as birth certificate and drivers license, then she must bridge the difference with other documents, such as, marriage license and/or divorce papers. The additional bridging documents must be the original or a certified or notarized copy.

Non US Citizens:

Please visit for more information.

Emergency call to ship
Guests have the option of being contacted on any ship for business or emergency calls. Guests can be contacted 24 hours a day via telephone for $7.95 per minute (maximum of 10 minutes per call). The call must be paid by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). Please have guests names and stateroom number available.
Royal Caribbean International: 1-888-724-7447
1-321-953-9003 (outside the United States)

Parking/Driving Information
If you are driving to the pier, you can find more information about parking, directions and drop offs through the Port of Galveston at the links below.

Pier Address
Galveston, TX
Port of Galveston
Cruise Terminal 2
2702 Harborside Dr. Pier 27
Galveston, TX 77550

Royal Caribbean Hotel Reservations
Royal Caribbean’s block of hotel rooms both pre-cruise and post-cruise are sold out.  However, airport transfers are still available. Many cruisers who are arriving the day before we sail are opting to stay at hotels near the airport that offer a free shuttle to and from the airport. They are then returning to the airport the morning of May 14 for a RC transfer to the ship.


What to Pack

A list of items that may be useful on board as well as what is not allowed.