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Currently, CreativeStudio 7.0 is only available in Stand Alone Mode with this Demo Version. It cannot be used to stitch with a Statler. Please visit gammill.com/creativestudio7 for updates about the full release.

Please read the What’s New document prior to downloading.

CreativeStudio 7.0 What’s New Demo Version

Download CreativeStudio 7.0 Demo Version (ZIP File)

Known issues in CreativeStudio 7.0 Demo Version


Update: CS7 is still on target to release early this summer.  To renew your demo version, go to Service, Technical Support, Reset CS configuration. This will restart CS and reset the 60 day demo.  If it has already expired, you will need to change the date on the computer, then follow these instructions.


We know you all have been anxiously awaiting the release of CreativeStudio 7.0 this month. Unfortunately, we have had unexpected challenges that mean the software will not be ready this March as previously planned. This new version of software is much different than any previous version of CS with so many new features and improvements. The addition of Pattern Management meant software programming changes on almost every level. Because this has led to unexpected delays we have made the very difficult decision to delay the full release of the software.

The decision to not release in March was not made lightly. But, as a company, we would never want to release a software version that is not completely ready for you. We value you too much as customers. Your time, your quilts and your customers are too important to risk the chance that software might not work just as it should.

Today, we are releasing to you a demo version of the software that can be operated in Stand Alone Mode (SAM). You will be able to operate this on any computer but you will not be able to use it to stitch out on your Statler. We know many of you are excited about CS7 and many have classes scheduled. This demo version will allow you to learn and become familiar with CreativeStudio 7.0. CreativeStudio 7 has so many great new features we are sure you are going to love it. We hope you will enjoy getting to know the software more through this demo version and will be as excited as we are for the full release.

In addition, in the full release, CreativeStudio 7.0 will allow you to import your pattern tags from iPattern Studio and Pattern Viewer and Manager (PVM)

CS7 Encrypted Patterns and Cloud Information