Dear Statler Family,

Unfortunately there is some misinformation being spread right now regarding patterns, encryption and cloud features in CS7.

First of all know that you will be able to use your encrypted patterns just as you can in CS6.

In CS6 if your put the red key or controller number into the Controller Definition field when in SAM mode you can view and use encrypted patterns in SAM mode but cannot sew them out unless you take the file to the stitcher with that red key/controller.

CS7 works much the same way.  You enter the red key/controller number when you import.  You can then use the patterns in SAM mode but you will not be able to stitch them on any machine but the one they are encrypted to.

There are some new exciting capabilities in CS7 that have opened the doors for us to offer different types of encryption (for you and the pattern designers).  We will be sharing more about those opportunities in the near future.  But please know that all of your previously purchased encrypted patterns will work just as they always have.

With regards to the cloud features in CS7 they are not enabled in the Demo version of CS.  We will share more information about exactly how these exciting new features work in the near future, but please rest assured that all measures have been taken to secure your data should you choose to use the cloud features.

Change is always hard, even when it is a good change.  The cloud features in CS7 will allow you better access to your patterns and also provide greater security for the pattern designers.  Your patterns are yours and yours alone.  Only you will have access to them.  We’ve designed these features to enhance your experience with CS.

Many of you already use all sorts of cloud type features in your day to day lives (iCloud, iTunes, Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.), you may not even realize all of them.  Many of you may already be putting your patterns into a cloud (Carbonite, Barracuda, iDrive, Crashplan, etc.).  The Gammill PatternCloud is much like these other than it is quilt pattern specific.  It is a place to store your patterns where you can easily access them from another location or restore if you have a computer crash.  It is a service we are offering to our Statler family for no charge to make your lives easier and to keep CS up to date with the best modern technology has to offer.

Please watch for more information in the next few weeks regarding the cloud features that will be available in CS7 and how they will make your life easier and more fun.  We are very excited about these features and can’t wait to share the possibilities with you!
Michelle Weaver

General Manager

Gammill, Inc