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Importing Images in CreativeStudio

The import image feature in CreativeStudio allows you to take any digital image and drop it into CreativeStudio.

This means you can preview your pattern on different images, such as the image of a quilt block, which can aid you in designing your pattern.

CS image


paul with import image

A new series in the Gammill Video Library explains the process of importing images and the CreativeStudio features of import image.

What is Import Image

Import Image Features

Import Image: Loading Images

Import Images: The Export Feature


Statler Stories – Joan Knight


Joan Knight remembers very clearly the day she bought her Statler by Gammill at a quilt show.
It was the final day of a three-day quilt show.

“I had been walking around for three days. Five minutes before the show closed, I signed the papers,” she said.
Now, Joan is a CreativeStudio educator, sharing her love of quilting and her knowledge with others.
“I get to see the look on their face when they ‘get it,’” she said of teaching. “It is a blessing.”
CreativeStudio allows her to be as creative as she wants with her quilting. And, the Statler has allowed her to have a career doing what she loves.
“I get to be my own boss. I get to make my own schedule. And, I get to meet new people and watch as people see what [the Statler] can do for them.”

Watch Joan’s video here.

Educational Events

educational events

Several of Gammill’s professional dealers have excellent educational opportunities coming up! Registration is now open for the following conferences
Sept. 27 – 29: Northwest Gammill/Statler Conference in Portland, Oregon
Hosted by Andrew’s Gammill Northwest
Event Website

Oct. 15-17: Statler Days in Zanesville, Ohio
Hosted by: A Touch of Thread
Event Website

Jan. 29 – Feb. 1, 2016: East Coast Gammill/Statler Conference in Glen Allen, Virginia
Hosted by: Threads Run Thru It
Event Website

Quilted Postcard Project

quilted postcard

Did you know you can use a Gammill for more than just quilts? This fun project from Karen Farnsworth at Wildflower Quilting shows us how to make a personalized, easy postcard that is sure to make a lasting impression.

Materials: Fabric and Peltext (2-sided fusible stabilizer)

Variations: Felt, paper, add fused binding decorated with fabric markers

Tips: Use light thread on top to reduce shadow thru. Use a larger (4.0) needle.

For more project details and how to use CreativeStudio 6.0 to complete a postcard, click here.


1. Load fabric on the quilting machine as you would any quilt back (right side down).

2. Lay Peltex over the backing and stitch a small (tight) all over design on all the fabric. The bottom becomes the back (design side) of your postcard so pay attention to your bottom tension.

3. Lay white fabric or paper on top of the stitched fabric/Peltex.

4. Set up and stitch multiples of the Postcard stitch pattern with 1/2 inch between repeats and rows.

5. Take the project off the quilting machine and press according to Peltex directions.quilted postcard2

6. Cut between rows and repeats to get 4-inch x 6-inch postcards.

7. Add stamp, address and mail! Hint: Check at the post office before mailing; these may require more postage than a traditional postcard.

For more from Karen Farnsworth, visit her website at wildflowerquilting.com



Statler Stories – Pat

pat rouche

Click to watch the interview

Pat said she came to machine quilting a little late in life and was in her 50s when she first decided to buy a long arm. After researching machines, she purchased a Gammill hand-guided machine. Her purchase, she said, was “the best thing I ever did. I built a big quilting business right away.”

As her business grew, she was spending all day, every day working on her machine and it began to take a toll on her physically.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do,” she said. “I wasn’t going to quit quilting.”

A trip to her local quilt shop changed everything when she spotted a beautiful quilt hanging on the wall.

“It was a single little flower she had put in all the blocks but it was perfect. I said ‘that’s how I’m going to quilt. Whatever she did, that’s what I’m doing.’”

The shop owner told Pat the quilt had been done on a computerized machine. Soon after, Pat became a Statler by Gammill owner.

“It changed my life. I had a successful business then, before the Statler; but once I mastered the Statler I didn’t have the physical problems anymore.”

Pat was able to grow and expand her business, even adding a second Statler.

Had it not been for the Statler, Pat said she doesn’t know what would have happened to her quilting because of physical limitations. But with the Statler “I never get tired of quilting,” she said. “It’s not just the physical part, it’s the perfection in quilting that I wanted but could never achieve.”

Pat said she enjoys finishing quilts that people love and that become a part of their families.

“People love you for the good work you do. I couldn’t do it without the Statler.”

Statler Stories

Statler users share a similar story but each one is special and unique, just like the quilts they create.

During our recent trip to SUGAR, Paul Statler had the chance to speak to several Statler by Gammill owners about how their machines have changed their lives. We are looking forward to sharing these videos in the upcoming weeks.

We heard from individuals who developed careers and successful businesses to support their families; or, who put children through college or retired early thanks to extra income from quilting. We have quilters who use their Statlers to create award-winning quilts or make cherished treasures for family, friends and charities. Some of our quilters have been able to continue the activity they love through computerized quilting when their health would no longer allow them to use a hand-guided machine. And, of course, we have many who have made life-long friends through their common bond of quilting.
Thank you for sharing your stories with us.




Judi’s Story:

Judi had been quilting for more than 20 years when she decided to purchase a longarm machine.

“I had my sights set on a Statler. I knew that was what I wanted to have,” she said.

Today, Judi and her husband own a sewing machine business and Gammill dealership in Australia where they have four Gammills including two Statlers.

“We’ve been blessed that we can spread the love and show people how wonderful they are,” she said. “It’s changed our lives. It’s given us something that is very much who we are. It’s given us an outlet that we love. We get so excited when we get a new customer. We just want to show them how wonderful it is.”

Click here to see more of Judi’s story.

Facebook Contest

11000 likes promo

We are almost to 11,000 likes on Facebook! Follow us today to get the latest updates on projects, videos, events and more! As a thank you to our nearly 11,000 fans, we are doing a prize giveaway. Go to our Facebook site and like the page and comment on the prize post to be entered to win one of 11 great prizes.

What Our Customers are Saying!




What a fun time we had going through all of the thank you cards Gammill received from the SUGAR Conference! We cannot thank you enough for your kind words and support. We also appreciate the SUGAR Conference organizers who collected the cards. Here are just some of those we received: Continue reading

SUGAR 2015 Highlights

sugar video cover

Our video team has put together an amazing short video of the highlights of the 2015 SUGAR Conference! The video features some of our Statler by Gammill customers telling us about why they love their machines! SUGAR (Statler Users Group and Representatives) was held in June in Kansas City. The event was hosted by the SUGAR Board. Click here for more information about the event.

Click here to view the highlight video!