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Set Sail with Statler!

The Gammill Education Department has been making big plans and the reveal is finally here!

Watch the video with Paul and Mildred Statler.

We hope to see you in May 2017! For more information, visit Gammill.com/cruise.

Manufacturing Marvels ® to spotlight Gammill

men marvels22Manufacturing Marvels® will showcase longarm quilting machine manufacturer Gammill on May 13 at approximately 8:30 p.m. CST on The Fox Business Network ® during a production of Manufacturing Marvels®.

Manufacturing Marvels® produces two-minute spotlights on American manufacturers and their products, as well as the companies’ processes and customers. The segment featuring Gammill was filmed in April at the company’s headquarters in West Plains, Missouri.


Gammill revolutionized quilt-making in 1980 when founder Ken Gammill created a quilting machine that glides over fabric, similar to a pencil moving over paper.  Previously, machine quilting was done on standard domestic and industrial sewing machines, with a laborious process of moving three layers of fabric through a stationary machine.  In the early 1990s, the Gammill began offering computerized quilting technology when Paul Statler invented a software and hardware system that allows the machine to automatically stitch almost any design. man marvels12



“We are excited to have the opportunity to share with the general public a bit about Gammill’s 35 years as an industry leader in manufacturing longarm quilting machines,” said Michelle Weaver, Gammill General Manager.  “This production will give customers an inside look at the process each one of our machines goes through in order to create a product that provides quilters with precision and accuracy Gammill is known for.”


Manufacturing Marvels® will offer a behind the scenes look at the creation of both Gammill’s computerized system, the Statler by Gammill, and its hand-guided quilting machine.

men marvels32


Manufacturing Marvels® is narrated by nationally acclaimed voice talent John Criswell, who has more than 40 years of experience as a CBS and ABC news anchor. It is produced by an award-winning team including producers Bob May and Jerry May and director Bryan McCullough.


You can also find the segment on Gammill’s website at Gammill.com or its YouTube Channel following the May 13 broadcast.





Solve the Education Puzzle & More Gammill Updates

Have you heard? The Gammill Education Department is planning something big! Check out our Facebook page for teasers and see if you can solve the puzzle.


If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to check out our April Newsletter, or better yet, sign up to receive the newsletter in your inbox!


This month’s issue features a new Best of Both Worlds Episode. In this episode Linda V. Taylor and Georgia Stull show us how to make game boards using a Gammill.


Also, new to the Gammill website is the Gammill Gallery. Gammill Artists and Educators have come together to create the Gammill Gallery, a collection of just some of the award-winning quilts done on a Gammill machine.


While on our website, read the featured “A Quilter’s Story” articles to find out more about your favorite quilts and quilters. A new story will be coming at the end of May!



Pretty in Pink

header teuton

When Carolyn Teuton selected her new Statler by Gammill, she knew exactly what color her new machine would be. Pink.

For Carolyn, picking pink wasn’t about her love for the color or even the fact that her Gammill is an almost perfect match to her furious fuchsia 2009 Dodge Charger. What matters to Carolyn is what the pink represents, her 40 years as a breast cancer survivor.


The Houma, Louisiana resident was first diagnosed in with breast cancer in 1975 at the age of 31. She and her husband, Jeff, were the parents of three small children, ages 5, 7 and 9. And, in 1975, the diagnosis was grim.

She fought through surgeries and brutal treatments. And then, for decades, lived with the fear of the unknown, the chance or a reoccurrence, and continued treatment and procedures.

Finally, she was given the best news she could receive, an all clear. Her oncologist released her as a patient. No more cancer visits.

She and Jeff were elated. To celebrate the milestone Jeff, the owner of a Dodge dealership and the owner and operator of a National Championship drag car racing team, painted a Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak, the same furious fuchsia as the street-legal Dodge Challenger that Carolyn drives daily.


“I built it last year as a tribute to her and all that she’s been through,” he said.

The regional cancer center near their home became involved in the creation of the car as well. Together, they added the slogan, “Drive Fast. Fight Hard,” along with Carolyn’s name. Not only is it an award-winning racer, it also travels around the country raising awareness for breast cancer.

In addition to the car, Jeff had another fuchsia surprise in mind for his wife, a new Statler by Gammill computerized, longarm quilting machine.

Carolyn has been sewing since she was 16. Her mother was a quilter, meticulously completing work by hand. Although she remembers helping her mother with projects, Carolyn herself didn’t begin quilting until about five years ago.

“My sister and I decided to learn how to quilt and started off by taking lessons with a local quilter,” she said. “We kept on trying to get better and better.”

Carolyn then became a part of a quilting group of about 12 women who meet monthly to work on projects, such as blocks of the month.

“We really look forward to it. We all have the same interest and love quilting,” she said.

In recent years, Carolyn also began quilting on a longarm and the more she learned about longarm quilting, the more she became interested in a Gammill.

“I kept reading about the Gammill and how great it was and how easy it was to use,” she said.

She and her husband traveled to a quilt show. While she was browsing fabric, he was looking more closely at the machine.

“He got hooked on how the machine worked and the mechanics of it,” she said. “He did all the research on the machine and was impressed. Since last year was 40 years as a breast cancer survivor, he surprised me with this special gift.”

Their new fuchsia Statler by Gammill was delivered in February by Gammill Dealer Mark Elliott from Stitch-N-Frame in Vicksburg , Mississippi.

“I am enjoying it so much so far,” Carolyn said. “I’m excited to continue to learn more.”

Jeff is enjoying the new machine too and said he appreciates the education and technical support provided to them.

“When Mark delivered it and set it up, I took all the lessons alongside Carolyn and learned about it,” he said. “It’s an amazing machine. I’m pretty impressed it’s definitely a value received.”

Windows 10 – Updated 3/27/17

Updated Post 3/27/17

Since the introduction of Windows 10, Gammill has recommended against utilizing Windows 10 with the Statler system. We have supported the use of Windows 10 for use with CreativeStudio in Stand-Alone Mode (SAM), but not when connected to a Stitcher. The reason for these recommendations is based on communications between Windows 10 and various Microsoft servers.


Windows 10 added Cortana and other applications within the operating system that continually communicate with various Microsoft servers on the internet. On a SAM system, this communication is not an issue. However, on computers connected to the Stitcher, we have found that this communication can disrupt communications between the PC and the Galil controller. As a result, we have recommended against the use of Windows 10 with a Stitcher.


Gammill is not the only industrial user of Windows that has experienced this issue. Many other industrial manufacturers, such as CNC machines, have had similar issues. As a result, Microsoft has released a special industrial version of Windows 10 that eliminates this communication with Microsoft servers. We have tested this new industrial version and found no degradation in communication performance compared to a Windows 8 PC. The changes in communications with their servers also has the side effect of allowing Microsoft to make the version more secure – they tout that this is the most secure version of Windows ever.


Therefore, beginning April 3, genuine Gammill computers will have this industrial version of Windows 10 installed.


This version of Windows is not available through the regular Windows 10 updates, etc. like the consumer versions of Windows 10. Microsoft requires that the industrial version must be installed directly by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) such as Gammill. As a result, the only way to offer an upgrade for existing Gammill computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8 is to send the computer to Gammill to have the industrial Windows 10 installed on site. There is no need to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer to Windows 10. No advantages in function of your machine are gained by the operating system upgrade. Because we know there are some users out there who want the latest regardless, we will offer this service for $199 (the same price as Windows 10 Pro direct from Microsoft). However, we also encourage you to check with your dealer about trading in your existing Gammill computer towards the purchase of a new one, this way you would not be without a computer for the time it would take in shipping and handling.




Original post 3/22/16

Gammill has been evaluating and testing Windows 10 over the past several months.

Windows 10 is perfectly fine for use on any Stand Alone Mode (SAM) computer to run CreativeStudio software. However, at this time, we do not recommend using Windows 10 on computers that operate the Statler by Gammill. Although we will continue testing, we feel at this time there are several issues with Windows 10 that lead us to this recommendation.

Here are some of the issues we have uncovered so far.

– A Statler that was allowed to run overnight lost communication with the head and there was no communication to the buttons.
– The HDMI port for the secondary monitor does not work on one of the newer generation Statler PCs. This is due to a driver issue, and there will be many driver issues that will take a long time for Microsoft and Dell to work out.
– We have had users who upgraded their PC and received the Blue screen of death, a perpetual boot loop. They lost everything on that PC.
– We cannot consistently determine how the Windows 10 network traffic impacts communication to the Statler but have seen examples of it interrupting the communication between the controller and the head.
– Additional concerns and points can be found at http://www.computerworld.com/article/2945195/microsoft-windows/9-reasons-not-to-upgrade-to-windows-10-yet.html
It is true that some users will download Windows 10 and never experience problems. However, due to these issues listed, and other potential unknown problems, we do not advise that you update to Windows 10 on the computer that runs your Statler at this time in order to keep your machines running safely and efficiently.

National Quilting Day Contest



In honor of National Quilting Day on March 19, 2016, we’ll be giving away two Gammill prize packages with thread, a Gammill bag, t-shirt, mini-bluetooth speaker and more! To enter, follow us on our new Instagram account and post a quilt, machine or project picture using #gammillquilting. Don’t use Instagram? Send us the photo via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.* Post pictures by March 20 and winners will be announced March 21 on Gammill social media.

This contest is no way sponsored by or associated with Facebook or any social media platforms

*By sharing a photo you are giving permission for Gammill to share on Gammill social media


March News

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The Gammill Master Quilting Education special is going on now through April 30, 2016. For a limited time, receive professional installation, training and education for FREE with a machine purchase. Plus, as a bonus, receive up to $400 in continuing education classes. Click here for more details.

Are you watching the Best of Both Worlds? Click here to access all the episodes of this FREE show from Gammill and Linda V. Taylor.

Be sure to check out our calendar of educational events. Gammill-specific conferences and retreats are coming up in Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Canada and Australia.

Interested in demoing a Gammill? Check out our upcoming shows OR contact a dealer or sales representative near you.

Learn the stories behind the quilts at http://gammill.com/community/quilters-story/

Have a quilt or show results to share? E-mail us to spread the good news

Best of Both Worlds – Episode 8

A new episode of the Best of Both Worlds is now online! This week’s episode features CreativeStudio Certified Trainer Karen Farnsworth.  Together, she and Linda V. Taylor work to complete a quilted postcard project.  The project can be done by hand-guided or Statler computerized quilting.  Watch the episode for more on how to make a personalized postcard to send to someone special.

For more on the quilted postcard project, click here.

For past episodes of the Best of Both Worlds, click here.

Best of Both Worlds Episode 7

Episode 7 of the Best of Both Worlds is now online! Click the video below to watch the latest episode or click here to view all past episode. This is the third and final episode in a series of three that show Linda Taylor and special guest Paula Everill working to complete a quilt using hand guided techniques and the Statler.  In this episode, they use circular array and a simple fill.

Keep watching for the next episode featuring a brand new project and special guest. It is set to release on Friday, March 11.


Education special ends April 30

education special_star wars_edited

For more information and special details click here

When you buy a Gammill, you aren’t just purchasing a longarm quilting machine, you are joining a community of support.

Gammill and our network of professional dealers want to make sure you know how to use your machine to its full potential to create beautiful quilts. This begins with delivery and installation from a Gammill-trained professional who will come to your location to properly set up and install your quilting machine. It continues with ongoing training, education and support from your local Gammill dealer, a professional whose goal is to answer your questions and assist you with your machine.

Now through April 30, when you purchase a Statler by Gammill or Vision 2.0 by Gammill you’ll receive this professional delivery, installation and training for FREE. Plus, you’ll receive vouchers that can be redeemed from your local Gammill dealer for ongoing training and classes. And, with a Statler or Statler Retrofit, you will also receive a FREE laptop with our state-of-the-art software, CreativeStudio. This allows you to take the laptop to classes and events to learn alongside the instructor or to design quilts and patterns anywhere, anytime that you can later quilt on your Statler.

Knowing your machine will be properly installed, having the assurance of ongoing support and continuing education, plus receiving the tools you need for training mean you’ll be able to enjoy your new machine and the time you spend quilting from the very first day.