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Gammill Vision is awesome!

The touch screen is great because it is so intuitive. But, I really love the enhanced stitch regulator. I specialize in customer quilting and being able to ‘coast’ from regulated to constant speed so I can microstipple (without stopping to shift gears) was a great idea. It is such a smooth transition. I admit to being a fan of technology, but most people are not. When I saw how you use the memory card, I was impressed because it will make updates so much easier to do. No more taking apart the machine to reach circuit boards or computer chips. And upgrades can be downloaded? Great idea! I have gotten pretty good at setting the thread tension but how nice that I can look at it and change it without having to undo my quilt or crawl under the table with a flashlight and mirror! It’s a winner! BTW, is this where the name ‘Vision’ came from?

Great job, thanks!

Pat Barry
By Design Quilting, llc
Racine, WI 53402


I am in love!

I had the great privilege of trying out the new Gammill Vision. I am in love! One of the best features is the ability to go really slow and then when I speed up it automatically goes into regulated mode. This is terrific when you are doing small work and then quilt right into a larger area. I had my 5 year old granddaughter using the settings. The icons are easy to see, easy to use, and are all done on a touch screen. Gammill has brought the hand guided machines into the 21st century! Thanks. I love it!

Carol Evans, A happy Gammill/Statler Owner
Nanton, Alberta, Canada


I love the new Gammill Breeze Track System!

It is so smooth and makes the machine feel very light to the touch. The new wheels kept my stitching very exact whenever I moved the head.



The new Gammill Vision

Along with being the BEST longarm Quilting machine ever, the new Vision has some very cool features.. I have been playing with mine and I have to say LOVE, here are a few of the features of this fabulous new machine! A touch screen that easily disconnects from the front and is easily inserted to the back of the machine for those of you who do pantos…
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Ronda Kae Beyer


A Breath of Fresh Air

Four years ago I purchased my Statler Stitcher with Precision Stitch. This has been truly a most wonderful experience with not one moment of regret. The steep learning curves for my “Grandma brain” when I upgraded to CreativeStudio were a wonderful challenge. I quilt only for my own personal pleasure, and the creativity Statler allows is truly amazing and a pleasure. I have successfully downloaded the new CS4 software, and as in each of the previous versions, I am wowed at the upgrades. What wonderful support —you are an amazing group!In this day when finding a quality product and service to go with it are somewhat of an anomaly, Gammill Quilting’s Statler Stitcher is truly a breath of fresh air! Thanks again for the wonderful product and service, your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Carol Evans,

A happy Gammill/Statler Owner
Nanton, Alberta, Canada


Statler a Welcome Addition

My Statler Stitcher has been a welcome addition to my quilting studio for the past 5 years. It has increased my productivity and creativity many times over. It allows me to work on other tasks while it happily stitches away. The machine itself, a Gammill Optimum, has been reliable and trouble-free. The new CreativeStudio software is nothing short of amazing. The ability to create pattern layouts and see them before you stitch is a great advantage. It is so easy to make changes to your pattern selections and even edit the patterns before they are stitched on your quilt.

Tammy Finkler
TK Quilting & Designs


Enjoying the Freedom of Expression

My journey with my Gammill longarm has been exciting from the first minute my machine was delivered. I love the fact that my artistic expression for a quilt can be achieved so remarkably using Creative Studio and also enjoy the flexibility that just “dropping the belts” allows me when I want to manually guide my machine. Being active in the Gammill community has been so much fun and has allowed me to form enduring friendships all over the world. The Gammill support staff has been exceptional and has always been there for me. Being a part of the Creative Studio Beta team has challenged me to always consider new and exciting ways to approach my quilting.

Marty Vint
Dogwood Quilting of Baltimore


Statler Has Changed My Life!

Who knew buying a Statler could change my life so much! I have sewn for many years—everything from wedding dresses to window treatments. When my husband saw a quilting machine, he said, “You could do that!” Two weeks later we were looking at machines. We did lots of research and in the end, he simply said, “Why would you not get the best?” So we purchased our Statler. Can I say AMAZING? I love “SuzyQ”. I can quilt for hours without the wear and tear on my body that hand guiders face. The precision of Statler makes quilting so easy and so beautiful. The software allows me to be as creative as I want to be!

Georgia Stull
Heartland Quiltworks
Harrisonville, Mo.


A Great Product!

I would like to thank all those at Gammill Quilting Systems, especially those at Statler Stitcher, for the CreativeStudio product that we have today. Without this computerized addition to my Gammill Optimum, I would be just another long-armer, and not a very good one at that. Their software, coupled with the dependability of my Gammill, has given me the confidence to take on any job that comes my way and complete that job to the amazement and delight of my customers. I have been involved in software development for many years before becoming a quilter, and I must say I have never run across a group of people that are more dedicated to getting it right, than the people at Statler.

Michael Qualls
Q’s Longarm Quilting
Fountain Valley, Calif.


Love, love, love my Statler

When I purchased my Gammill Statler I had never operated a longarm quilt machine! Never even done any machine quilting on a domestic machine. What I got with that purchase was a ‘family’ that cares about me and my business and my successful venture as a long-armer. I also got after Precision Stitch a wonderful software program called Creative Studio. With it I can push the limits of creativity with features like echo and divide to name only two. But I can also quilt an e2e with ease. Creative Studio allows me to give my customers that something extra that sets their quilts apart, whether it is a show quilt or one for a grandbaby. Love, love, love the ease of operation of my Gammill Statler and the support team at Statler.

Joan Knight


Thanks for a Super Program!

I first purchased my Gammill Optimum in March 2004. In August 2004 I upgraded to the Statler Stitcher. What a marvelous program. I thought Precision Stitch was the greatest but then came CreativeStudio. My first love has always been hand quilting and now, with Creative Studio, I can truly replicate the hand quilting style. I can take a pattern, twist it, tweak it, divide it, echo around an appliqué, SID, and even enter lettering with just a click of the mouse! Thanks for a super program!!

Genece Hoskin
N2Quilting in Calif.


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