A Special Message to the Gammill Family

During the period of our 14 years as owner (2003-2017) of Gammill, Inc., Fulham & Co. has made every effort to continue the legacies established by Ken Gammill and Paul Statler of building the best quilting machines on the market, and delivering them reliably to our customers.  Our strong background in traditional manufacturing industries, however,… Read More

Giveaway Winner Update

Remember that time we gave away a Gammill! Michelle Oberlander of Redding, California was our grand prize winner. We are happy to report that she is putting her new Vision 2.0 to good use! Meissner Sewing & Vacuum Center, Gammill’s dealer for Northern California, and Meissner’s Technician Karl Berky assisted in the set up of the… Read More

5 Reasons to Book Your Cruise Now!

Click here to register for the Set Sail with Gammill Cruise.  1. Early Bird Discount! Save $100 per person when you register on or before Feb. 12, 2018. Rates for quilters start at just $1,375. This all-inclusive rate includes a seven-night cruise on the most award winning ship in the world, 10 classes from amazing… Read More