Fussy Star Part 1 (episode 35)

Fussy Star Part 2 (episode 36)

Stencils Part 1 (episode 37)

Stencils Part 2 (episode 38)

Quilting Out Fullness (episode 39)

Embroidery Quilt (episode 40)

Cross Stitch Quilt (episode 41)

Linda V. Taylor uses the Statler and hand-guided techniques to quilt a hand cross stitch quilt. She quilts the border using the Statler. Then, she shows how she plans out the hand-guided quilting to fill in around the embroidery and demonstrates quilting design ideas. Statler techniques include rubber stamp. placing patterns, handles.

Cutting Matt

Place the cutting mat on your Gammill table top and use it as a cutting table.


  • Measures 141 and 3/8 inches by 21 3/4 inches.
  • Fits perfectly on a 12-foot GS table and can be easily modified for a 10-foot table.


  • A sanded finish rather than a slick finish to prevent fabric from moving.
  • Printed grid lines with inch measurements.
  • Flexible and sturdy material that is great for rotary cutting.

Ohio Star

Nine Patch