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Shandi Brinkman

Fall in My World Challenge

Fall in my world Facebook & website

Statler challenge “Fall in My World” to be displayed at AQS QuiltWeek events in 2017-2018

Click here to download an entry form (PDF)

Gammill, Inc. invites Statler users to complete a submission for the “Fall in My World” Challenge. Three winners will receive cash prizes and finalists in the competition will be displayed at five American Quilter’s Society QuiltWeek events in 2017 and 2018. It is estimated approximately 70,000 people will view the Statler Challenge at the following AQS QuiltWeek events:

Grand Rapids, Michigan (August 2017)
Fall Paducah, Kentucky (September 2017)
Des Moines, Iowa (October 2017)
Daytona Beach, Florida (February/March 2017)
Lancaster, Pennsylvania (March 2018)

Gammill will award three prizes in the competition. A Grand Prize of $1,000, a First Place prize of $500 and a Second Place $250 prize. The exhibit of finalists, as well as other selected quilts, will be on display at other Gammill events following the AQS shows. The winners will be announced at the Fall Paducah show in September 2017.

Official Rules
Finished quilt size: 24” x 24”
Theme: “Fall in My World”
Quilts must be quilted on a Statler by Gammill.
At least 75 percent of the quilting must be done by computerized quilting. Up to 25 percent may be hand guided.
Embellishments may be added such as threads, ribbon, beads, embroidery, etc.
Finished quilts must have a top, middle and backing. Maximum thickness: 1 inch
Quilts must be submitted with the official entry form (PDF).

Submitting your quilt
Please submit your quilt and entry form to Gammill by June 15, 2017.
Mail quilts to:
Statler Challenge
1452 Gibson Street
West Plains, MO 65775

Quilts will not be returned to owners until late 2018.

fall in my world flier

Registration is Now Open for the SUGAR Conference

June 22nd-24th in Kansas City, MO!

So Much to Learn, See, Do, Try & Buy!  The SUGAR Conference is an educational conference, coordinated by the Statler Users Groups And Representatives, specifically dedicated to specialized training and networking opportunities for Statler by Gammill® owners.  This year’s attendees will enjoy three days of classes for every level of quilter (beginners to experienced) by professional Statler by Gammill® instructors, a quilt competition specifically for Statler® quilters, as well as a stunning display of machine-quilted quilts and special exhibits, and a vendor mall of quilting-related products.  Plus, time to mingle and network with other Statler owners from across the globe, world-class entertainment during the Friday Night Banquet, and exclusive presentations & trunk shows.

Custom Build Your Own Schedule!  Nearly 100 to choose from!  This is your chance to take all Statler-related classes from many of the world’s top Statler instructors.  Classes for every skill level, beginner to advanced. This is your chance to take the latest classes from the ‘best of the best’ on the new CS 7, CreativeStudio®, machine maintenance, quilting with kids, how to manage your quilting business, and more!   View the classes now.

Call for Quilts!   The 2017 SUGAR Conference is pleased to host a quilt competition just for quilts completed on the Statler by Gammill®. This is a unique opportunity for participants to enjoy a quilt exhibit of computerized machine-quilted quilts.  Enter your quilts today!  Information available online.  Quilt Entry Deadline:  May 1st

Interested in a Booth?  We still have spots available in the vendor mall for just $250.  Register online today.
The SUGAR Conference is Presented by the
Statler Users Groups And Representatives
(a non-profit 501-c3 organization):
With the Generous Support
Gammill Quilting Systems:


CS7 Encrypted Patterns and Cloud Info

Dear Statler Family,

Unfortunately there is some misinformation being spread right now regarding patterns, encryption and cloud features in CS7.

First of all know that you will be able to use your encrypted patterns just as you can in CS6.

In CS6 if your put the red key or controller number into the Controller Definition field when in SAM mode you can view and use encrypted patterns in SAM mode but cannot sew them out unless you take the file to the stitcher with that red key/controller.

CS7 works much the same way.  You enter the red key/controller number when you import.  You can then use the patterns in SAM mode but you will not be able to stitch them on any machine but the one they are encrypted to.

There are some new exciting capabilities in CS7 that have opened the doors for us to offer different types of encryption (for you and the pattern designers).  We will be sharing more about those opportunities in the near future.  But please know that all of your previously purchased encrypted patterns will work just as they always have.

With regards to the cloud features in CS7 they are not enabled in the Demo version of CS.  We will share more information about exactly how these exciting new features work in the near future, but please rest assured that all measures have been taken to secure your data should you choose to use the cloud features.

Change is always hard, even when it is a good change.  The cloud features in CS7 will allow you better access to your patterns and also provide greater security for the pattern designers.  Your patterns are yours and yours alone.  Only you will have access to them.  We’ve designed these features to enhance your experience with CS.

Many of you already use all sorts of cloud type features in your day to day lives (iCloud, iTunes, Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.), you may not even realize all of them.  Many of you may already be putting your patterns into a cloud (Carbonite, Barracuda, iDrive, Crashplan, etc.).  The Gammill Pattern Cloud is much like these other than it is quilt pattern specific.  It is a place to store your patterns where you can easily access them from another location or restore if you have a computer crash.  It is a service we are offering to our Statler family for no charge to make your lives easier and to keep CS up to date with the best modern technology has to offer.

Please watch for more information in the next few weeks regarding the cloud features that will be available in CS7 and how they will make your life easier and more fun.  We are very excited about these features and can’t wait to share the possibilities with you!
Michelle Weaver

General Manager

Gammill, Inc



CreativeStudio 7.0 Demo Version Available


We know you all have been anxiously awaiting the release of CreativeStudio 7.0 this month. Unfortunately, we have had unexpected challenges that mean the software will not be ready this March as previously planned. This new version of software is much different than any previous version of CS with so many new features and improvements. The addition of Pattern Management meant software programming changes on almost every level. Because this has led to unexpected delays we have made the very difficult decision to delay the full release of the software.

The decision to not release in March was not made lightly. But, as a company, we would never want to release a software version that is not completely ready for you. We value you too much as customers. Your time, your quilts and your customers are too important to risk the chance that software might not work just as it should.

Today, we are releasing to you a demo version of the software that can be operated in Stand Alone Mode (SAM). You will be able to operate this on any computer but you will not be able to use it to stitch out on your Statler. We know many of you are excited about CS7 and many have classes scheduled. This demo version will allow you to learn and become familiar with CreativeStudio 7.0. CreativeStudio 7 has so many great new features we are sure you are going to love it. We hope you will enjoy getting to know the software more through this demo version and will be as excited as we are for the full release.

Click here to download the Demo Version

Windows 10 Update

Since the introduction of Windows 10, Gammill has recommended against utilizing Windows 10 with the Statler system. We have supported the use of Windows 10 for use with CreativeStudio in Stand-Alone Mode (SAM), but not when connected to a Stitcher. The reason for these recommendations is based on communications between Windows 10 and various Microsoft servers.   Windows 10 added Cortana and other applications within the operating system that continually communicate with various Microsoft servers on the internet. On a SAM system, this communication is not an issue. However, on computers connected to the Stitcher, we have found that this communication can disrupt communications between the PC and the Galil controller. As a result, we have recommended against the use of Windows 10 with a Stitcher.   Gammill is not the only industrial user of Windows that has experienced this issue. Many other industrial manufacturers, such as CNC machines, have had similar issues. As a result, Microsoft has released a special industrial version of Windows 10 that eliminates this communication with Microsoft servers. We have tested this new industrial version and found no degradation in communication performance compared to a Windows 8 PC. The changes in communications with their servers also has the side effect of allowing Microsoft to make the version more secure – they tout that this is the most secure version of Windows ever.   Therefore, beginning April 3, genuine Gammill computers will have this industrial version of Windows 10 installed.   This version of Windows is not available through the regular Windows 10 updates, etc. like the consumer versions of Windows 10. Microsoft requires that the industrial version must be installed directly by an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) such as Gammill. As a result, the only way to offer an upgrade for existing Gammill computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8 is to send the computer to Gammill to have the industrial Windows 10 installed on site. There is no need to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer to Windows 10. No advantages in function of your machine are gained by the operating system upgrade. Because we know there are some users out there who want the latest regardless, we will offer this service for $199 (the same price as Windows 10 Pro direct from Microsoft). However, we also encourage you to check with your dealer about trading in your existing Gammill computer towards the purchase of a new one, this way you would not be without a computer for the time it would take in shipping and handling.

Computers must be shipped to Gammill headquarters for the installation per the agreement with Microsoft.

CreativeStudio 7.0 Requirements

To better serve our family of quilters, CreativeStudio 7.0 and future versions of the software will require your Stitcher to be connected to a genuine Gammill computer in order to quilt with the software.

You will still be able to utilize the software in Stand Alone Mode on laptops and other non-genuine computers. You may also continue to use CreativeStudio 6.0 and prior on Statlers connected to non-genuine computers.

There are several reasons for this new requirement.

To give you the best experience possible
The Gammill computer is not like the computer you purchase at a store or online. It has been specifically configured to operate a powerful piece of machinery. A great deal of research and development goes into configuring this computer so that it provides a seamless experience and problem-free operation. The Statler is designed to function as a complete system with the computer being an essential component. In order for your machine to perform optimally and give you the best quilting experience, your Statler should be operated with a genuine computer.

To provide better customer support
Although not recommended, it has been possible to make other “off the shelf” computers work with the Statler. However, time and time again we see extensive problems as a result. Technical support receives a large volume of service calls related to the use of non-genuine computers. Technical support must troubleshoot problems that result from using computers that were not designed to be a part of the Statler system or operate the machine. This change will allow our technical support team to better diagnose issues and serve customers in a timely and efficient manner.

To protect the CreativeStudio software
In the past, Gammill has used a physical red key system to secure the Statler system. Moving forward, advancing technology allows us to secure the system from within the computer and software. Better security for our system and protection of our brands allows us to continue to develop the best software on the market and provide it to our Statler customers free of charge. As an added convenience, because the software will automatically detect if a computer is genuine, you will be able to download CreativeStudio 7.0 directly from the website without a password.



What is a genuine Gammill computer?
A genuine Gammill computer is a computer configured and distributed by Gammill and purchased through a Gammill dealer.

Do I need to verify with Gammill that my computer is genuine?
No, the software will automatically recognize if it is loaded onto a genuine computer. If so, you will be able to connect to your stitcher. If not, you will be able to operate the software in Stand Alone Mode. If the software does not recognize the computer and you believe you have a genuine Gammill computer, please contact technical support for assistance at 800-659-8224 ext. 2.

What if I do not want to purchase a new computer?
You are welcome to continue using CS6 or previous versions of CreativeStudio.

How can I order a new computer?
You may contact your local Gammill dealer to order a computer.

What is the cost of a genuine Gammill computer?
MSRP for a genuine Gammill computer is $1,499. This does not include fees such as shipping and handling. Please contact your local Gammill dealer for an exact price.

What is different about a Gammill computer?
The computer that is used and sold by Gammill is not an “off the shelf” product. It is a computer that has been configured specifically for the Statler to produce the best results possible.

Why does the Gammill computer cost more than an “off the shelf” model?
Many “off the shelf” models are priced very similarly or higher than a Gammill computer. Computers designed to run machinery, such as the Statler, often run thousands of dollars higher than a Gammill computer. Although it is possible to purchase a computer for under $500, this is not the caliber of computer needed to operate an advanced quilting machine. Our engineers work hard to configure a computer that is cost effective and allows your machine to perform optimally.

What are the other system requirements for CS7?
Other system requirements are the same as those for CreativeStudio 6.0: Windows 7 or higher, Ethernet controllers (Mod A & up) only. As Microsoft is no longer supporting XP, the latest libraries are no longer XP compliant and therefore we can no longer support XP. Mod 3s are also not supported (CS 4.2 was the last version to support the Mod 3). This is because the latest Galil libraries would require the Mod 3 to be re-chipped. This would require inefficient code in CS and greatly reduce the performance of your Mod 3 machine.

The Gammill PC must have shipped with Windows 7 or newer. Gammill does not support PCs that have gone through an operating system upgrade, other than returning those PCs back to their original shipped date.


CreativeStudio 7.0

now available graphic


CreativeStudio 7.0 Download 

Download CreativeStudio 7.0 (update released 10/13/17)

Windows 10 Stitcher PCs: If CS opens in Stand Alone Mode. Click help and about. If your red key serial number shows as ******, please click here to run an application to solve the issue.

Machine Disconnected: If after install on stitcher it shows machine disconnected: Go to Service/Technical Support, click on Connect Stitcher. It should then say connected in the lower left of the screen. Close CS7 and reopen.


CS7 Auto Update

On 10/13/17 Gammill released an auto update to CreativeStudio 7.0.

  • If your computer is connected to the Internet please accept the update when prompted and follow the directions on the screen. (If CS does not prompt or you close the prompt without updating go to Service/Check for Updates.)
  • If your computer is not connected to the internet we at Gammill strongly encourage you to connect. Connecting will allow you to easily receive software updates as well as enhanced help from tech support. If your computer is unable to be connected to the Internet, you can download the software at this link or the one below. The software can be saved to a thumb drive and then transferred to your computer.
  • If you receive a Demo Expired message, please complete one of the following two options to update your software.
    • Roll your PC date back one month, begin CS7, and click “check for updates.” If you have received an Auto Update message click “Download and Install” and follow the directions on screen. Watch for pop-up Windows that might require you to click “ok” or “continue.” (If CS does not prompt or you close the prompt without updating go to Service/Check for Updates.)
      Instructions for rolling back PC Date: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10
    • Or, click this link or the one below to manually begin the update.

About the Update: One of the great enhancements of CS7 is that we are able to send Auto Update notices direct through CS along with the actual updates to the software. This allows us to send smaller more frequent updates and minor fixes, all while keeping the process simple for you the user. This particular update is necessary to remove a time out feature that could temporarily deactivate the software.

List of updates to CreativeStudio 7.0 Oct. 13, 2017 (PDF)



CreativeStudio 7.0 Documents & Resources

First time CS7 users: Please read the Installation Instructions & What’s New document prior to downloading.

CreativeStudio 7.0 Installation Instructions & What’s New (PDF)

CreativeStudio 7.0 Installation Instructions Video (YouTube Link)

CreativeStudio 7.0 User Manual (PDF) – Contact your local Gammill dealer to order a printed copy.

CreativeStudio 7.0 system requirements information

Known Issues in CreativeStudio 7.0 (PDF) Updated 10/13/17

CreativeStudio 7.0 Training Video Library

CreativeStudio 7.0 Pattern Catalog (PDF)

Introduction to Pattern Cloud

Notes about CreativeStudio 7.0

File Formats: New CreativeStudio 7.0 patterns are saved as .GQP file formats and new projects are saved as .GPROJ. All old CreativeStudio patterns will load into CreativeStudio 7.0, but old projects will not load. The .GQP and .GPROJ file formats are new, more advanced file formats so they are not backwardly compatible. These formats were created specifically for CreativeStudio 7.0 and to be read and stitched by CreativeStudio 7.0. These formats will take CreativeStudio into the future with better stitch quality and faster stitching.

Pattern Cloud: Pattern Cloud is a great new place to store your patterns where you can easily access them from another location or restore if you have a computer crash. While use of the cloud is highly recommended CreativeStudio 7.0 will run without it. You just will not be able to access all of the great new features.


CreativeStudio 7.0 Preview Videos

Introduction to CS7

CS7 Encrypted Patterns and Cloud Information

New Features

Circular Array

Universal Handles

Continuous Text

Pattern Management

Pattern Management – Search and Tags

A New Look!

Customizable Tool Strip

Drag and Drop

Sugar 2017


Classes Now Available for the SUGAR Conference June 22nd-24th in Kansas City, MO


What is the SUGAR Conference? The SUGAR Conference is an educational conference, coordinated by the Statler Users Groups And Representatives, specifically dedicated to specialized training and networking opportunities for Statler by Gammill® owners. The 2017 SUGAR Conference will offer three days of classes for every level of quilter (beginners to experienced) by professional Statler by Gammill instructors, a quilt competition specifically for Statler quilters, as well as a stunning display of machine-quilted quilts and special exhibits, a vendor mall of quilting-related products, and much more.  ·

Conference Registration for SUGAR Members opens Feb. 10th at 9 a.m. Central Time·

Conference Registration for Non-SUGAR Members opens March 10th at 9 a.m. Central Time 

Classes, Classes, Classes! Nearly 100 to Choose From! This is your chance to take all Statler-related classes from maPage teaching at SUGARny of the world’s top Statler instructors. We have classes for every skill level, beginner to advanced. This is your chance to take the latest classes from the ‘best of the best’ on the new CS 7, CreativeStudio®, machine maintenance, quilting with kids, how to manage your quilting business, and more!   View the classes now.


Enter Your Statler Quilts in the Competition!   The 2017 SUGAR Conference is pleased to host a quilt competition just for quilts completed on the Statler by Gammill®. This is a unique opportunity for participants to enjoy a quilt exhibit of computerized machine-quilted quilts. Time to show off your work! We want to see your quilts! Award ribbons will be presented to 1st place in each category courtesy of Heartland Quiltworks, and “Best of Show” will take home a $500 check sponsored by Stitch Happy! Quilt competition information is available online. Enter your quilts today!  Quilt Entry Deadline: May 1st


Best Weekend Ever! Time to mingle and network with other Statler owners from across the globe, enjoy world-class entertainment, famous featured artists, fabulous quilt trunk shows, special exhibits, and more! Plan now to have a fantastic three days away! Hear what people have to say about the SUGAR Conference:

“Best conference ever!” – 2015 conference attendeeAttendee getting ready for the bus tour, SUGAR 2015

“Best money I have spent since purchasing my Statler!” – 2015 conference attendee


Call for Vendors: We still have booth spots available in the vendor mall. 10’x10’ booths are just $250. Register online today. If your company is interested in offering door prizes or a grand prize please contact jennifer@sugarconference.com.

The SUGAR Conference is Presented by the Statler Users Groups And Representatives(a non-profit 501-c3 organization):       


With the Generous Support of GOLD SPONSOR, Gammill.


Get Creative with Stencils!


by Jodi Robinson, Gammill Quilt Artist

I wanted to share with you how easy it is to use a basic stencil to create new designs! I hope this might encourage you to give your stencils another look.  I am going to share with you, one of my favorite designs that I teach in my “Stencil Magic Class.”

The stencil I used is called 4” Scallops, and is available from Quilting Creations International. (www.quiltingcreations.com)

What I love about this stencil is that it is a very traditional design that is meant to be used in a quilt border; but, with a little creativity, it can be used to create more contemporary/modern designs.


You can see that using a sharpie marker, I marked lines on my stencil. This makes it easier to line the stencil up when marking.

The first step was to mark the stencil, as is, as shown below.


After looking at the marked stencil, I realized that by simply flipping the stencil, and marking it again, it created a circle in the center.




After marking to create the center circle, I now had a nice place to add another design element. I chose to add a simple curved diamond in the center.


I then quilted the design, and it looks great just as it was drawn.


After stitching the design, I quickly discovered how easy it would be to now add more quilting to different areas within the design. This creates a more dense quilting design. As you can see below, I chose to add a simple design element to every other row of scallops, and a background fill around the center curved diamond. Wow … as you can see, the design possibilities with this one are endless!


Playing with the first design really got the ideas flowing, so I played a little more. In the next design I decided to mark rows of the stencil design. I added a line between the rows and put the circles in a different position in each row. Before marking the next design, I measured the width of the rows on the stencil and marked corresponding lines on the fabric.


I then marked the scallops creating the off-set circles, and added some different designs to the circles.


Below is the design stitched, with some different variations in the circles. When you look at this design, you can see how easy it would be to add more design elements … to the actual scallops, or the center circles, to create an unlimited number of designs. And just think about how neat it might be to elongate the center circle, to create an entirely different shape in the center to fill.


Oh! And what if the entire design orientation was changed?!?!


I hope I was able to spark your creativity, and have you looking at your stencils in a whole new way!

Happy Quilting …………. Jodi

TLC Quilting


TLC-Quilting, a Gammill subdealer for Threads Run Thru It, is now open in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

Owner, LuAnn Lighty, and husband, Woody, own the shop that offers Gammill machine sales, training, and service, as well as quilting services and machine rentals.

TLC-Quilting specializes in teaching all quilters from start to finish, no matter their expertise, the art of piecing and finishing their quilts. LuAnn said she wants all quilters to feel comfortable with where they are with quilting and grow to where they want to be.

LuAnn first began quilting in 2011. Thinking ahead to how she would spend retirement, she purchased an embroidery/sewing machine in February 2011. After taking several classes to learn more about sewing and embroidery, she decided to take a quilt piecing class and fell in love with the process. From Oct. 15 to Nov. 29, 2011, she made nine more quilt tops for Christmas presents. After completing the tops she called around to different quilters to have the quilts finished and was disappointed to find there was a two to six month wait. While out shopping for more fabric, the owner of the shop suggested LuAnn rent her machine and quilt the tops herself.  LuAnn scheduled three sessions and discovered she loved machine quilting as much as piecing. Since December 2011, LuAnn has been taking every quilting class possible, both piecing and Longarm quilting. With the help of Steve and Lori Clayton at Threads Run Thru It, she made her dream of owning a Gammill a reality and now looks forward to helping others realize their own quilting dreams.

LuAnn and Woody have been married 42 years and have two children Anita (partner Brett) and Adam (wife Tammy); two granddaughters, Stephanie and Layna; and one grandson, Brayden. LuAnn and Woody are also the owners of E.R. Lighty, Co., which specializes in heating, air conditioning, and plumbing since February 1991. In their free time, LuAnn and Woody have a cabin on an island in the middle of the Susquehanna River they enjoy visiting.


2900 E. Harrisburg Pike
Middletown, PA