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Gammill Giveaway Winner

Remember that time we gave away a Gammill!

Michelle Oberlander of Redding, California was our grand prize winner. We are happy to report that she is putting her new Vision 2.0 to good use!

prize winner1

Prize winne2


Meissner Sewing & Vacuum Center, Gammill’s dealer for Northern California, and Meissner’s Technician Karl Berky assisted in the set up of the new Vision 2.0.

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5 Reasons to Book Your Cruise Now!

Click here to register for the Set Sail with Gammill Cruise. 


1. Early Bird Discount!

Save $100 per person when you register on or before Feb. 12, 2018. Rates for quilters start at just $1,375. This all-inclusive rate includes a seven-night cruise on the most award winning ship in the world, 10 classes from amazing teachers, port fees, gratuities, reserved dinner seating in the main dining room, a wide variety of complimentary dining options, the Gammill cocktail party, and an array of onboard entertainment including Broadway shows, pools, games and so much more. Click here to learn more about all there is to do onboard.

Photo: Royal Caribbean


2. Something for everyone!

This cruise includes education for all long-arm quilters. With both Statler specific and hand-guided classes (taught lecture style – no machine) this cruise is a great opportunity to take a variety of classes and learn new techniques! Want to take a friend? Rates are also available for non-quilting guests.



3. The teachers!

We are packing a ton of quilting talent onto one ship with 16 amazing teachers. We have national award winners, authors, pattern designers, successful quilting business owners, world-renowned educators, and more. Take classes and spend time with some of the quilting world’s most talented individuals.


4. $150 credit!

As an added bonus each guest (quilter or non-quilter) will receive a $150 onboard credit to spend at sea. Enjoy time at the spa, purchase a drink package, or try one of the specialty dining options with this gift from Gammill.

2017 collage

5. Fun and fellowship!

Watch the Allure of the Seas high-divers leap off 30-foot diving platforms. Take a ride over the longest zip line over water at the private beach in Labadee, Haiti. Take a snorkeling expedition in St. Maarten. Or, explore the natural beauty of the rain forest in San Juan. Whether it’s in class, at dinner or in one of the beautiful port stops, you will be making memories and friends that last a lifetime.

Combining Multiple Design Elements with the Elevate


This blog post from Gammill Quilt Artist Eva Birch shows us how easy it is to combine and stitch patterns with the Elevate by Gammill. For more information on the Elevate, a new computerized option that can be added to Gammill Vision, Vision 2.0 and Plus machines, click here.

By Eva Birch
Gammill Quilt Artist

You can use the functions and features of your Elevate by Gammill to easily combine multiple patterns and stitch out this beautiful 26″ x 26″ wholecloth design by Lisa Calle.

wholecloth design pic 1


This design, due to its large size, cannot be stitched out all at once. Depending on the size of your machine, the quilt will need to be rolled at least once. Therefore, when this design was digitized, it was separated in three  different sections.

picture 1

*Note the sizes for each section.


Let’s Get Started

picture 2

• On your fabric mark a Reference point in each corner, designating the perimeter of the WHOLE design.
• Mark the center point of your perimeter.
• Begin with the top half of the design.
• On the Elevate tablet tap boundary points using the Block function for the top half design (25.8”x 13.4”)
• Select the top half design in the pattern manager and then tap “Start” to stitch the selected design.
• Once the design has stitched out tap “End Project”.


Next Step – Bottom Half

picture 3
• Roll the quilt making sure that you can reach the length of the design (14.4”) with your quilting machine.
• On the Elevate tablet tap out boundary points using the Block function for the bottom half of the design (25.8” x 14.4”).

• Select the bottom half pattern in the pattern manager
• Tap “Edit” on the screen.


Preparing to Align

picture 4
• On the “Edit” screen tap “Move.” This enables you to move the pattern in any direction.
• The Red/Green marker(s) represent the start and end points of  a design.
• Move the head of the machine to point where the 2 halves are going to meet ( you can also refer to the picture of the whole design).
• Use the “Move” button and adjust the position of the design until you’re comfortable that they will meet up with the top half on either side. Tap the “Orange Checkmark” when the pattern has been aligned.
• Tap “Start” to stitch the bottom of the design.
• Once the design has stitched out tap “End Project.”



Adding the Center Design


• As shown, mark the horizontal and vertical center lines for registration.
• Tap out the boundary points including the points that are indicated with a blue dot, this is where the center design connects with the top/bottom design.
• Follow the previous steps to align the design sections.
• Tap “Start” to stitch out the design.
• Once the design has stitched out tap “End Project”


The Final Design



One of the benefits of using the Elevate is being able to combine computerized quilting with free hand quilting.
For this particular design I will add a frame to the outside of the design and fillers in some of the open areas of the star points.
This is a great opportunity to add your own creativity to a computerized design.
Happy Quilting!

Veteran begins One Foot Quilting business with gift from Gammill, Work Vessels for Vets

YouTube cover

Six years ago, Daniel Burgess, a young Army Staff Sergeant, would have never dreamed of life as a professional quilter. How drastically life has changed since his deployment to Afghanistan in August 2011 is a testament to the belief that you should never take a day for granted.  And, the new life Burgess created is proof that blessings can be found in the most tragic of situations.

His story is one of incredible strength.  From the strength to serve his country in a dangerous foreign land, the strength to battle back from tragedy, and ultimately the strength to find new purpose in a completely different arena and use that strength to be a blessing to other people.

His story begins on  Nov. 20, 2011, when SSgt Burgess was on patrol in Afghanistan where he was aiding in an IED (improvised explosive device) clearing mission. His job was to gather Intel from the locals.

“I was approached by an Afghani who wanted to show me where an IED was located. I turned so I could follow him and as I did, I stepped on an IED,” he said.

Burgess lost his right leg below the knee and severely injured his left leg. He also had severe fractures to his right hand and a traumatic brain injury.

“I was medevac’d from Afghanistan to Germany and then to San Antonio, Texas to start my long road to recovery,” he said.

Burgess spent the next three years recovering at Fort Sam Houston Military Medical Center. His life completely changed as his injuries healed and he learned to walk and run again with the aid of a prosthetic.


Photo Jan 12, 8 15 40 AM

Discovering quilting

In June 2014, Burgess medically retired from the United States Army. He, along with his wife, Genette; and their daughters, Gracie and Kaylee; and service dog, Sergeant, moved to Cape Coral, Florida.

During his recovery, Burgess took a quilting class as a way to spend time with his wife. While in the shop, Burgess noticed a Gammill longarm quilting machine.  A longarm quilting machine allows the user to quilt together the back, batting and quilt top, either by guiding the machine by hand or using computerized software. The shop owner offered to help him complete the quilt he had pieced during his class using the longarm machine.

Burgess found quilting calmed his anxiety.

“I wound up falling in love with quilting because it helps relax my mind. It allows me to see something that I can easily produce, especially on days I am wheelchair bound,” he said. “It was a challenge for me but that experience of using the longarm gave me the drive to want to learn this new craft of quilting and figuring out the machine.”

Once again, Burgess felt a sense of purpose in his life and he began looking toward a future in longarm quilting. He began quilting more and even entered and won competitions.  He set a goal to open his own quilting business, One Foot Quilting.

“It will let me give back to my community, other veterans, and organizations which I enjoy and I will be able to start a business to support my family,” he said.


 Photo Jan 12, 10 00 22 AM

A New Statler

In order to make his dream a reality, Burgess needed a longarm quilting machine. He turned to Work Vessels for Vets, a non-profit organization that matches veteran-entrepreneurs with the tax deductible donations of equipment. Since 2008, the six volunteers of Work Vessels for Vets, Inc. have equipped more than 1,600 veterans from all 50 states with equipment valued at nearly $2 million.  Work Vessels for Vets raised $8,000 through Giving Tuesday donations to help Burgess, with the Newman’s Own Foundation matching $2 for each $1 donated to the social media’s CrowdRise account.

“I made a cold call to Gammill because everyone I had been talking to in the industry said they are the best of the best,” said Catherine Cook, Executive Director for Work Vessels for Vets.

Cook explained Burgess’ situation and with Gammill leadership determined the machine that would best suit Burgess’ needs was the Statler by Gammill, a computerized system that gives the quilter the option of quilting hands free. Additional accessories, such as hydraulics that raise and lower the machine table, would allow Burgess to quilt more comfortably.   The cost of the system and accessories totaled more than $35,000.

“I asked ‘can you discount it, is there a used one somewhere?’” Cook said. “Gammill called back the next day and said ‘give us the $8,000 you raised and we will put it toward the machine and the Statler and the upgrades and we will do the rest.’”

Approximately 20 representatives from Gammill, including many from the home office in Missouri, came to Burgess’ Florida home on Jan. 12 to install and present the machine in a ceremony with Work Vessels for Vets.  Those in attendance included Paul and Mildred Statler, the creators of the Statler by Gammill, and Gammill General Manger Michelle Weaver.

Weaver said the gift was a way for Gammill to give back to someone who had given so much.

“At Gammill, a big part of what we do and why we do it is empowering people, especially quilters, to achieve their dreams. Whether that is a dream of owning their own business or a dream of being able to bless other people through organizations like Quilts of Valor or palliative care quilts to children in hospitals,” she said. “Not only has he already given of himself to his country, he is continuing to give through the Quilt of Valor program and being an inspiration to other veterans. We as a company decided we wanted to make this happen and we wanted to make sure he had the best tools for the job.”

Photo Jan 12, 11 44 19 AM Photo Jan 12, 9 59 54 AM

Work Vessels for Vets presented Gammill with a Patriot Star Award in appreciation for the organization’s commitment to supporting veterans. The Patriot Star Award bears the embroidered star from a US Flag flown over Fallujah, Iraq. It recognizes the extraordinary efforts of individuals who are American Patriots helping our military veteran. Gammill is only the fifth recipient of the award in Work Vessels’ 10-year history.

21untitled (499 of 586)

Burgess said he is looking forward to registering with Quilts of Valor and completing quilts for his fellow veterans.

“This is the biggest blessing, and to be able to give back even more now is such an honor,” Burgess said.


Photo Jan 12, 1 39 23 PM

More information

Gammill introduces Elevate, a new tablet-based computerization

Gammill® dealers are now accepting pre-orders for the Elevate™, a new tablet-based computerization. The Elevate allows quilters to quickly and easily place and quilt blocks, single rows, or multiple rows for edge-to-edge quilting.


The system is available for Vision™, Vision 2.0 and Gammill Plus Machines.  Gammill unveiled the new system at Quilt Market and it will be available for delivery in early 2018.


“I think anyone can learn the Elevate software in no time,” said Georgia Stull, a CreativeStudio® Instructor. “It is simple, easy to use and very intuitive. The program guides you through the process step-by-step. If you have been hesitant to try computerized quilting; this is a fantastic way to jump in!”


Quilters can edit patterns via the tablet with tools like reposition, resize, nudge, autofit, rotate, delete, flip, repeat patterns, increase/decrease repeats. It also offers thread break tracking, zoom, variable speed control, integrated pattern management, and a resettable clock and stitch count. Quilters can also mark boundaries making it simple to stitch in the ditch. And, quilters can use Gammill’s CreativeStudio 7.0 software in stand-alone mode on a computer to edit patterns to upload to the Elevate tablet.


“Within two hours of beginning practice on the computerized machine, I felt confident enough to pin on a whole cloth quilt and go for it! With just a few taps on the tablet, I was able to repeat the design placement just where I wanted it and begin quilting,” said Lisa Schiffleger, a hand-guided quilter.


In addition to the 500 free patterns that come with the Elevate, you can browse, search and purchase patterns from the Gammill PatternCloud™ (


Switching to and from hand-guided mode can be done in seconds. A quilter can switch to hand-guided while in the middle of a project and then resume computerized quilting.


Pre-order the Elevate by Gammill and receive $1,000 off the MSRP of $10,999. And, now through Nov. 10 receive free installation Visit to learn more or contact a dealer near you.



Elevate Facts



Elevate Highlights

Quilt perfect patterns all with a few taps of the finger.

Switch to hand-guided mode in seconds.

Download more than 500 free patterns.

Shop the Gammill PatternCloud for new patterns.

Use Gammill CreativeStudio 7.0 to edit single patterns.


Elevate Features

Edge-to-Edge Quilting

Block Patterns

Create Boundaries

Mark Boundaries




Auto Fit





Repeat Patterns

Increase/Decrease Repeats

Pattern Tags

Motion Control Software

Thread Break Tracking

Variable Speed Control

Zoom In & Out




CS7 Auto Update 10/13/17

Gammill has released an auto update to CreativeStudio 7.0. If your computer is connected to the Internet, please accept the update when prompted. If your computer is not connected to the internet we at Gammill strongly encourage you to connect. Connecting will allow you to easily receive software updates as well as enhanced help from tech support. If your computer is unable to be connected to the Internet, you can download the update from
Another of the great enhancements of CS7 is that we are able to send Auto Update notices direct through CS along with the actual updates to the software. This allows us to send smaller more frequent updates and minor fixes, all while keeping the process simple for you the user.
This particular update is necessary to remove a time out feature that could temporarily deactivate the software. Please accept the update when prompted or you will otherwise risk a disruption in your software until the update is accepted. Should you be unable to update before a disruption occurs simply change the date on your computer to a date prior to 10/15/17, open CS and run the update, then change the date back to the proper date.
For more information about this update, please visit

Introduction to PatternCloud

PatternCloud™ is a great new place to store your patterns!

  • Easily access patterns from another location such as your SAM laptop.
  • Organize your patterns by designer, type, tags, and more.
  • Easily restore your pattern library if your computer crashes.
  • Use the PatternCloud store to browse, search and purchase new patterns from designers!

A free service for our Statler family! Register for your account at


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the PatternCloud necessary to use CreativeStudio®  7.0?

No, while use of the cloud is highly recommended CreativeStudio 7.0 will run without it. You just will not be able to access all of the great new features.


If I use PatternCloud and sync my patterns does this share them with the world?

No. Your patterns are yours and yours alone.  Only you will have access to them.  We’ve designed these features to enhance your experience with CS. Please rest assured that all measures have been taken to secure your data.


What is the cost to use the PatternCloud?

The PatternCloud is a service we are offering to our Statler family for no charge to make your lives easier and to keep CS up to date with using the best that modern technology has to offer. Charges and payment information are only required should you chose to purchase patterns from designers in the PatternCloud store.


What is the store feature?

The PatternCloud store is a place to easily browse, search and purchase patterns from a variety of talented designers! You can access the store directly in CreativeStudio 7.0 or at You can browse through the available patterns or search by keyword, price, pattern type, date added, and copyright protection. Check back regularly for newly added patterns!


How do I access PatternCloud?

You can access PatternCloud through CreativeStudio 7.0 or through the website You can browse the store in CS7 or on the website at any time, but you will need to create an account in order to use the PatternCloud storage/backup services or the store. For instructions on how to use PatternCloud in CreativeStudio 7.0, see page 12 of the user manual.


How does the cloud work with encrypted patterns?

For patterns purchased at, there are different levels of copyright protections selected by the designer. The copyright protection for each pattern that is for sale is listed with the price when viewing the pattern description (Any, Machine or User). You may also narrow your PatternCloud store search by the type of copyright protection.

  • Any: Patterns set to Stitchout Any can be stitched on any Statler by Gammill. These are still sold only for your personal use and are by license not allowed to be shared with others but there is no technical prevention built into the patterns themselves. Patterns with no encryption are likely to be more expensive as there is less protection for the designer to prevent illegal sharing. These are the same as unencrypted patterns in previous versions of CreativeStudio.
  • Machines: Patterns set to Stitchout Machines can only be stitched on a Statler registered to the User at the time of purchase. The Store will not let you add these patterns to your cart until you register your Stitcher. This encryption is basically the same as encrypted patterns worked in previous versions of CreativeStudio.
  • User: Patterns set to Stitchout User can be stitched on any Statler while that User is logged into their account in CreativeStudio® 7.0. This is a new form of encryption that allows protection for the designer while offering more flexibility for the user. For example: you buy a second stitcher, need to replace a red key or upgrade to a newer one, you do not have to contact the designer and have all your encrypted patterns redone with the new red key number. Or if you are visiting a friend you can login to your account on her machine and stitch out your patterns, but when you logout your patterns are no longer on her machine (thus you are able to stitch encrypted patterns that you own on other stitchers but do not risk violating copyright by accidentally “sharing” unencrypted patterns with your friend).

For encrypted patterns purchased anywhere other than, CS7 works much the same way as CS6. You enter the red key/controller number when you import.  You can then use the patterns in SAM mode but you will not be able to stitch them on any machine but the one they are encrypted to.

Block Breakdown – Ohio Star

A free tutorial from world-renowned hand-guided quilting instructor and Gammill  Quilt Artist Karen Marchetti! Karen demonstrates how to breakdown a block for quilting including how to mark the design and the quilt path.

Meet Gammill’s New Education Director

Gammill is pleased to welcome Corey Pearson as its new Education Director. Corey is well known for his easy-to-follow Statler tutorials on YouTube and his fun and interactive Facebook Live videos. He has also been a featured guest on the Best of Both Worlds with Linda V Taylor. Corey Pearson

“Gammill’s educational resources are outstanding. We have more than 100 online educational videos plus blog posts and articles that offer everything from machine maintenance to CreativeStudio step-by-step instructions, hand-guided and computerized tutorials, creative projects, manuals, guides, and so much more, all online and free to access,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working with our Gammill team, dealers, certified instructors and quilt artist in developing even more easy-to-use resources that will give all of our quilters the tools they need to make their quilting shine”.

Corey is a millennial quilter who has been involved in the quilting industry since he was a small child. He was first introduced to the Gammill brand in 2009 and was immediately amazed. Corey loves the technology that Gammill offers in its machine lineup. He enjoys quilting because every quilt tells a different story.

“You can express yourself through the threads and fabric you choose,” he said.

Corey has been a CreativeStudio Certified Instructor since 2015. He also has worked with Linda’s Electric Quilters, Gammill Dealer for Texas and Oklahoma, since 2010 in various positions. He currently teaches Statler classes and heads up their education development team.

Corey entered his first quilts into the 2015 SUGAR Conference show and won his first ribbons. Since then, his quilts have been awarded ribbons in multiple shows.

He is a graduate of The University of North Texas where he received his Bachelors of Business Administration with a focus in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.

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