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Block Breakdown – Ohio Star

A free tutorial from world-renowned hand-guided quilting instructor and Gammill  Quilt Artist Karen Marchetti! Karen demonstrates how to breakdown a block for quilting including how to mark the design and the quilt path.

Meet Gammill’s New Education Director

Gammill is pleased to welcome Corey Pearson as its new Education Director. Corey is well known for his easy-to-follow Statler tutorials on YouTube and his fun and interactive Facebook Live videos. He has also been a featured guest on the Best of Both Worlds with Linda V Taylor. Corey Pearson

“Gammill’s educational resources are outstanding. We have more than 100 online educational videos plus blog posts and articles that offer everything from machine maintenance to CreativeStudio step-by-step instructions, hand-guided and computerized tutorials, creative projects, manuals, guides, and so much more, all online and free to access,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working with our Gammill team, dealers, certified instructors and quilt artist in developing even more easy-to-use resources that will give all of our quilters the tools they need to make their quilting shine”.

Corey is a millennial quilter who has been involved in the quilting industry since he was a small child. He was first introduced to the Gammill brand in 2009 and was immediately amazed. Corey loves the technology that Gammill offers in its machine lineup. He enjoys quilting because every quilt tells a different story.

“You can express yourself through the threads and fabric you choose,” he said.

Corey has been a CreativeStudio Certified Instructor since 2015. He also has worked with Linda’s Electric Quilters, Gammill Dealer for Texas and Oklahoma, since 2010 in various positions. He currently teaches Statler classes and heads up their education development team.

Corey entered his first quilts into the 2015 SUGAR Conference show and won his first ribbons. Since then, his quilts have been awarded ribbons in multiple shows.

He is a graduate of The University of North Texas where he received his Bachelors of Business Administration with a focus in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.


It’s contest time! Visit http://bit.ly/2skILQr to fill out the form, subscribe to the Gammill newsletter (if you do not already), and be entered to win!

This contest is in honor of Linda V. Taylor is celebrating 25 years as a quilt artist in 2017! To celebrate, Gammill, with support from other friends of Linda, will host several giveaways throughout the year! This month, one lucky winner will receive a prize package containing thread (provided by Superior Threads), Batting (provided by Hobbs), a Linda Taylor Anniversary t-shirt, Gammill mini cooler and other Gammill goodies. Five winners will receive t-shirts.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, June 14 at 1 p.m. CST on the Gammill Facebook page and will be notified by e-mail.

Please void where prohibited. This contest is in no way affiliated with any social media platforms or websites.

Quilt Photography

Photographing Your Quilts

By Jo Ann Gruber
Quilted Treasures (Alaska Gammill Dealer)


Quilted by Jo Ann Gruber, Quilted Treasures

I am not a professional photographer, but I am convinced that just about anyone can take decent pictures of their own quilts. You spend many hours creating your quilts. It doesn’t matter if it is a gift for your family, a donation quilt for charity or a work of art that you plan to enter into a show. It may soon be gone, so many of us would like to have a photograph of it to include with our documentation.

Any photographs that you take are certainly good enough for documenting your quilts and/or sharing them on social media. In most cases, you can take pictures good enough to enter quilt competitions. Personally, I’ve only had one of my quilts professionally photographed; and that was one that was included in Debbie Caffrey’s “Blocks and Quilts Everywhere!” book. So, there is certainly a time and place for the professional photographer; but the tips I’d like to share with you today are ones that you can use to take reasonably good photos of your own quilts.

If you are planning to enter a quilt in a major quilt show, you will need good photographs of it just to have a chance for it to be accepted for exhibit. (I have heard several judges say that most quilts that are juried are rejected because the photographs submitted are of questionable quality. No matter how good your quilt is in person, if the photograph of it is poor, it will more than likely be rejected.)

Things you need to know to get great pictures of your quilt:



Know your camera. Even the simple point-and-shoot cameras have many options on them. The various settings can dramatically affect how your quilt will look once it has been photographed. Most cameras come with an instruction manual or you can usually find one to download on the manufacturer’s website. I personally use a Nikon D70 for most of the digital photographs that I take. You certainly can take fairly good images with your smart phone or tablet, but there are some limitations depending on the quality of photographs you wish to take. For me, my phone doesn’t have a tripod socket, so it’s difficult to get the camera in the phone parallel to the quilt. (I like a camera with at least 5 megapixels of resolution.)

Find a good place to hang your quilt so there are no distractions. If there are distractions, you can always crop those items out of your photograph. You can use a bare wall, a design board, a display stand etc. If you’re photographing outdoors, you’ll want to make sure you do that on a calm day so that the wind won’t blow your quilt around.

Use a tripod. One of the best tips I can give you is to always use a tripod! This will help ensure a nice, crisp photo. Although I don’t use one for every quilt I photograph, the use of a tripod will allow you to get a quilt square in the viewfinder or display screen. If the lens of the camera isn’t aligned with the quilt, you will get a distorted image (called keystoning in photography). It’s basically an issue with perspective. Is this a bad thing? Not always.


Position your camera correctly. To minimize distortions, adjust your tripod so your camera lens is pointed at the middle of your quilt. If you need to, use a tape measure. Check the distance from the middle of your quilt to the floor and then move your camera so that the center of the lens is at the same height. Next, adjust your camera so it is parallel to the design wall. When your camera is not parallel, you get wonky photos. I take quite a bit of time looking at the view screen of my digital camera to see if the edges of my quilt are parallel with the edges of the view screen.

Lighting. I rarely use the flash on my camera. I use side lighting to be able to capture the relief (highs and lows) of the quilting. If I photograph a quilt outdoors, I avoid areas with full sun and prefer to photograph them in open shade. For even lighting without completely washing out the quilts, I place the lights so they are at 45 degree angles (or less) to the quilt. Sometimes I’ll place one lamp on either side of the quilt. I can usually get the best coloring that way. After a few shots like that, I’ll either turn off one light or place both on the same side. That way I can create shadows and I can usually get a good shot of the relief created by the quilting stitches. Also experiment with moving your lighting closer or further away to see what shows off your quilt best.


Take lots of pictures. This is made much easier and more cost effective with digital cameras. You can simply delete the ones you don’t wish to keep. I usually take several pictures of each quilt. I keep changing the lighting, I zoom in different amounts, and I take full shots and detail shots. My goal is to give myself many options so there is a greater potential that at least one is really good.

I hope a few of these pointers might help you take better pictures of your quilts, even if those pictures are just for your own personal documentation.


Announcing New Classes & Teachers at SUGAR


The SUGAR Conference is Presented by the Statler Users Groups And Representatives. For more information, visit http://www.sugarconference.com/


The wait is over! Organizers of the SUGAR Conference are thrilled to announce they have added two new teachers and 15 new classes to the conference line-up!

shackelford, anitaAnita Shackelford – the single most requested teacher for the 2017 conference. Master teacher and designer, Anita will be teaching NINE Statler classes. Everything from how to use various features in CreativeStudio to Modern quilting, Appliqué on a Statler, and Point-to-Point. Check out her classes online now!



aubreyAubrey Stephens, the technical guru at Gammill corporate since 2001, will be teaching “Gammill Maintenance” twice during the conference! The charismatic Aubrey will teach you how to troubleshoot your Statler.




crossland“Art & Stitch Beginner or Refresher” class by Julie Crossland. Organizers are so pleased to be able to offer an Art & Stitch class at SUGAR. Come see what this software can really do on your Statler!




georgiaTwo more classes by Georgia Stull – “Easy Peasy Borders in CS7” (one of her most popular classes) and “Smart Marketing for Your Quilting Business” (a new class, which just recently introduced at the East Coast Conference, and students raved about it!).





karen“Lines as Designs – Using Crosshatching and Other Line Styles in Quilting” by Karen Farnsworth. Organizers brought in this special Crosshatching class by popular demand.






Log in to your account to see the new class descriptions and days / times offered. Simply click on “Register for Classes” and scroll down to browse through the classes. You can also use the “Search” function to search by teacher. Sign up today! These classes will fill up.


Pre-Registration Deadline Extended: SUGAR has extended the pre-registration deadline to May 1 instead of April 15. That means you can make changes to your schedule by adding or removing classes all the way up until May 1st at 11:59 p.m. CT without penalty. Organizers said they hope this helps you get your schedule just the way you want it! That also means that final payments aren’t due until May 1. Please Note: You can still add classes or other items to your order after May 1, but you’ll be required to pay in full (rather than 50 percent) at the time of purchase. (Additional classes can be added to your schedule through the close of the event on Saturday, June 24.)


funkEnter the Statler-Only Quilt Competition! This is a unique opportunity to enter a competition just for Statler quilts! Support this special competition by entering your quilts today. The Quilt Entry Deadline is May 1. Simply log in to your conference account (or register as a new user) and enter online. You don’t have to come to the conference to enter your quilts! Please share your gorgeous Statler creations for attendees to enjoy! All the quilt entry information is available online at http://www.sugarconference.com/quiltcompetition.html. First place winners will receive ribbons and “Best of Show” will receive a $500 cash award, courtesy of Stitch Happy. And don’t forget about this year’s Challenge, “I Did It My Way!” The Challenge winners will receive ribbons and cash awards, thanks to our generous sponsors. First place in the Challenge will also receive this amazing wooden Quilt Block, made by Val Funk’s husband. A big thank you to Heartland Quiltworks for sponsoring the Award Ribbons, and to our Challenge cash award sponsors: Quilts & Things, Eureka Documentation, and Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio.



The SUGAR Conference is Presented by the Statler Users Groups And Representatives(a non-profit 501-c3 organization):       With the Generous Support of GOLD SPONSOR, Gammill Quilting Systems: 



Quick Change Foot

social media


Introducing the Gammill quick change foot! No matter what your project, Gammill now has a foot to make your quilting shine! This set from Gammill features a quick change adapter that allows feet to be changed quickly without tools. Contact your local Gammill dealer to preorder http://gammill.com/our-dealers/dealer-locator/



No need to worry about damaging your quilt when using lofty or bulky material. This foot allows you to glide quickly over applique, batting, and more.


Allows viewing of the needle in motion. Great for precision work such as outlines or stitch in the ditch.


Add a decorative touch to your quilting. Use with yarn, cording, embroidery thread, etc.


Perfect for appliqué or trapunto work.


For use with ¼” rulers and templates

Click the video link below to see a demonstration of each foot.

Fall in My World Challenge

Fall in my world Facebook & website

Statler challenge “Fall in My World” to be displayed at AQS QuiltWeek events in 2017-2018

Click here to download an entry form (PDF)

Gammill, Inc. invites Statler users to complete a submission for the “Fall in My World” Challenge. Three winners will receive cash prizes and finalists in the competition will be displayed at five American Quilter’s Society QuiltWeek events in 2017 and 2018. It is estimated approximately 70,000 people will view the Statler Challenge at the following AQS QuiltWeek events:

Grand Rapids, Michigan (August 2017)
Fall Paducah, Kentucky (September 2017)
Des Moines, Iowa (October 2017)
Daytona Beach, Florida (February/March 2017)
Lancaster, Pennsylvania (March 2018)

Gammill will award three prizes in the competition. A Grand Prize of $1,000, a First Place prize of $500 and a Second Place $250 prize. The exhibit of finalists, as well as other selected quilts, will be on display at other Gammill events following the AQS shows. The winners will be announced at the Fall Paducah show in September 2017.

Official Rules
Finished quilt size: 24” x 24”
Theme: “Fall in My World”
Quilts must be quilted on a Statler by Gammill.
At least 75 percent of the quilting must be done by computerized quilting. Up to 25 percent may be hand guided.
Embellishments may be added such as threads, ribbon, beads, embroidery, etc.
Finished quilts must have a top, middle and backing. Maximum thickness: 1 inch
Quilts must be submitted with the official entry form (PDF).

Submitting your quilt
Please submit your quilt and entry form to Gammill by June 15, 2017.
Mail quilts to:
Statler Challenge
1452 Gibson Street
West Plains, MO 65775

Quilts will not be returned to owners until late 2018.

fall in my world flier

Registration is Now Open for the SUGAR Conference

June 22nd-24th in Kansas City, MO!

So Much to Learn, See, Do, Try & Buy!  The SUGAR Conference is an educational conference, coordinated by the Statler Users Groups And Representatives, specifically dedicated to specialized training and networking opportunities for Statler by Gammill® owners.  This year’s attendees will enjoy three days of classes for every level of quilter (beginners to experienced) by professional Statler by Gammill® instructors, a quilt competition specifically for Statler® quilters, as well as a stunning display of machine-quilted quilts and special exhibits, and a vendor mall of quilting-related products.  Plus, time to mingle and network with other Statler owners from across the globe, world-class entertainment during the Friday Night Banquet, and exclusive presentations & trunk shows.

Custom Build Your Own Schedule!  Nearly 100 to choose from!  This is your chance to take all Statler-related classes from many of the world’s top Statler instructors.  Classes for every skill level, beginner to advanced. This is your chance to take the latest classes from the ‘best of the best’ on the new CS 7, CreativeStudio®, machine maintenance, quilting with kids, how to manage your quilting business, and more!   View the classes now.

Call for Quilts!   The 2017 SUGAR Conference is pleased to host a quilt competition just for quilts completed on the Statler by Gammill®. This is a unique opportunity for participants to enjoy a quilt exhibit of computerized machine-quilted quilts.  Enter your quilts today!  Information available online.  Quilt Entry Deadline:  May 1st

Interested in a Booth?  We still have spots available in the vendor mall for just $250.  Register online today.
The SUGAR Conference is Presented by the
Statler Users Groups And Representatives
(a non-profit 501-c3 organization):
With the Generous Support
Gammill Quilting Systems:


CS7 Encrypted Patterns and Cloud Info

Dear Statler Family,

Unfortunately there is some misinformation being spread right now regarding patterns, encryption and cloud features in CS7.

First of all know that you will be able to use your encrypted patterns just as you can in CS6.

In CS6 if your put the red key or controller number into the Controller Definition field when in SAM mode you can view and use encrypted patterns in SAM mode but cannot sew them out unless you take the file to the stitcher with that red key/controller.

CS7 works much the same way.  You enter the red key/controller number when you import.  You can then use the patterns in SAM mode but you will not be able to stitch them on any machine but the one they are encrypted to.

There are some new exciting capabilities in CS7 that have opened the doors for us to offer different types of encryption (for you and the pattern designers).  We will be sharing more about those opportunities in the near future.  But please know that all of your previously purchased encrypted patterns will work just as they always have.

With regards to the cloud features in CS7 they are not enabled in the Demo version of CS.  We will share more information about exactly how these exciting new features work in the near future, but please rest assured that all measures have been taken to secure your data should you choose to use the cloud features.

Change is always hard, even when it is a good change.  The cloud features in CS7 will allow you better access to your patterns and also provide greater security for the pattern designers.  Your patterns are yours and yours alone.  Only you will have access to them.  We’ve designed these features to enhance your experience with CS.

Many of you already use all sorts of cloud type features in your day to day lives (iCloud, iTunes, Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.), you may not even realize all of them.  Many of you may already be putting your patterns into a cloud (Carbonite, Barracuda, iDrive, Crashplan, etc.).  The Gammill Pattern Cloud is much like these other than it is quilt pattern specific.  It is a place to store your patterns where you can easily access them from another location or restore if you have a computer crash.  It is a service we are offering to our Statler family for no charge to make your lives easier and to keep CS up to date with the best modern technology has to offer.

Please watch for more information in the next few weeks regarding the cloud features that will be available in CS7 and how they will make your life easier and more fun.  We are very excited about these features and can’t wait to share the possibilities with you!
Michelle Weaver

General Manager

Gammill, Inc



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